Ep 311: WEPback


“I just did the million dollar psychic challenge.”

I was personally very excited for this episode, because it is the first time my brother has been on mic. If you were at the live audience 250 show last September, you will have met him. It took a bit of calming talk, letting him know that microphones don’t work like cameras, in as his soul would not be sucked out and converted into mp3 format. Actually, that’s all it really took. See, rumors like that do hurt people. I understand that back in the day, when you killed a buffalo on a cold winter morning, sure it looked like the soul was escaping. But in the modern times we live in, we know that is simply not the case. We have come a long way with our intellectual capabilities in certain areas, yet in other areas, we are still sacrificing virgins and chasing ghosts. Did I mention I cracked my first WEP key? Damn straight… It was only a 64 bit key, and it was my router I hacked, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? Also, we’ve been getting some great feedback on the Dodgeball Game 1 video, so I just wanted to thank Mcnally one more time, he is one hell of a video editor.

  • Let’s give my brother a warm Jamhole welcome. Marc watched the movie hackers once when he was 6, and he’s been hacking the planet ever since. This is also the brother I was talking about in the story where I shot him in the head with a bb gun.
  • We are making it our goal in life to secure every unsecured network in the valley. With the proper permissions, of course.
  • Verizon is ripping people off on every netbook they sell. Netbooks should not come with a contract for 3 g service, and a netbook should also NOT cost $900. Also, just FYI, a lady at the Verizon corporate store told us Verizon spent around two million dollars to secure their network. The network still isn’t secure.
  • When Marc and I are in public, we talk too loud. No, I will not help you fix your wifi network. Unless you pay me big bucks no whammies. And yes, you CAN tether your droid with the PDA-net app.
  • So what did you get for Valentines Day? Nothing much, just an ALTER TO OUR LOVE, and a kitten. Some girls just can’t be satisfied. Oh well… It sounds like I may have raped Danni for V-day.
  • If I wanted you to eat chocolates, I would have gotten you chocolates. Take from that what you will.
  • Why is the big purple dildo melting? I’m not a huge dildo professional, but something tells me dildo’s shouldn’t sweat like that. It’s sweating lube. Which is weird.
  • Danni continues getting taken advantage of while at work. Thank you fat bitch for calling my girlfriend in to work two hours early on Valentines Day just so she can do YOUR work. New rule, if Danni does YOUR work, she gets payed YOUR wage. Deal?
  • Another corpse fucker gets awkwardly walked in on. Ok, it is what you think.
  • The new Canibus album, “Melatonin Magik” is some pretty hot shit. I am curious as to why Can-i-bus has D12 on the track called, “Air Strike” totally dissing Eminem. I thought you guys were bros. The more I listen to this album, the more I really like it. Canibus spits some hot shit.
  • Of course, you should all have watched the Dodgeball Game 1 video. Go rate and comment THE FUCK out of that motherfucker. Mcnally did an amazing job, and Danni did some good filming. Please don’t expect me to edit anywhere near that good for the next dodgeball game videos.
  • This is new to me, but let me google that for you. The best answer to any question anyone could ever ask you on the internet.
  • WWJD?? Question 18, which ability would you rather have? I’ll take the one that doesn’t involve Samuel Jackson chasing me through teleportation worm holes.
  • Wow Kevin Smith, you have really let yourself go. As far as fat fuck podcasters goes, you’re the only one now giving Patrick from NLO a run for his money. What happened Kevin? You can’t eat the pain away. Way to take the fight to twitter by the way.
  • Sometimes you deserve the rape, sometimes, you earn it.
  • Boomstick! Thanks for crashing again Ustream. Can we all write letters now? HACK THE PLANET!!!!!
  • Sure chicks can climb the corporate ladder using strictly looks, someone has to bring the men coffee.
  • Tossing some molitov’s, because you are using the computer. We’re all just packets. People die on the internet, especially when living in the pirates cove. YAR!
  • Cutting off cock and balls, because you love your husband.
  • I won’t cheat on you, as long as you ALWAYS satisfy me.
  • Circumcising your dead trees, so they look a little cleaner.
  • So that’s where my spatula went. Weird. This is why you should try to have your surgeries done in America. Or Canada.
  • Make sure you donate to help keep the show going, and help me get to DEFCON! Fuck yes. Who lives in Vegas and wants to party at DEFCON? Who wants to fuck chicks and hack wep? FUCK YES! See you Wednesday.

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