Ep 334: Drama!


“I would risk herpes to hit that.”

Holy fucking shit, let me tell you a little something about updating wordpress plugins. So we’re using a very simple (in theory) plugin shopping cart, which will rename nameless for the sake of this post. So I finish my route today, and I was slacking on the Friday show notes because my friend was visiting from Spokane. So I put off doing the notes until Monday, knowing that I have a small route, which would leave me plenty of time to get the notes done. Fuck me, that’s not how it ever happens, and I should know better by now. So I login and notice that I have a couple of plugins that need updating. If you know anything about wordpress and their plugin system, you know that every now and then people fix some stuff then issue an update. You will also know that when they fix some things, other things tend to break (See last time we updated our podpress plugin). Like I said, I should know better than to update some shit right before I’m about to get my notes done, especially if I’m on a tight schedule. So of course, my thinking is like, “What’s the worse that can happen?” I mean fuck, it’s just my store I’m updating. Well, I installed the update, activated it, and POW, the whole motherfucking store breaks. It’s times like this when I wish my girlfriend had a rich computer geek programmer as a brother, so I could just email him and be like, “Yo, fix this… Thanks.” But alas, I do not, so fuck me. I start doing some reading, and of course, I’m not the only person having this problem. Now riddle me this, if you know thousands of people rely on your plugin to make their store function, wouldn’t you perhaps, test the fuck out of it before you push the update down the line? I know that if I was in the programming business, I would try my hardest to make sure each and every update I released was working perfectly. And I get it, you can’t test for everything because people use this program set on a whole bunch of different platform scenarios, but fuck dudes, let us know that hey, if you update to the new version, it might fuck everything up completely. So I spent the last hour and a half trying to fix the new version, before finally giving up. I found a couple of posts pointing to the old version that I used to use, so I downloaded that and put it back on the server, and hopefully it’s all working now. Like I said, I’m at work right now, so I haven’t had time to fully test it. So if anyone wants to order something from the store, let me know if it’s working. I still have a few tweaks to finish, but other than that it should be back to a somewhat normal working configuration. Anyways, if you deal with this kind of shit like I do, it seems like a very good idea to do some research before updating. This is my public service announcement for the day. I hope I saved someone some update heartbreak.

  • Let’s welcome back our old Friday guy from back in the double digit episodes, Shaun AKA Lyrickal. He’s one of the guys I’m rapping with now. Good stuff. You can check out his myspace page here.
  • Looks like I’m not the only one getting old. Someone gets a little sore from dancing. She did almost win last Thursday.
  • Let’s talk about some local rap drama. Please pull your hip hop heads out of your asses. We are ALL 406 here, deal with it.
  • If you are going to write a diss song, please try and refrain from rhyming the word “Nigger” with the word “trigger.” Especially if you are “white.” Thank you.
  • So, how much tail do you really get from being a rap star? It’s all about attention whoring really. If you wiggle your genitals, they will wiggle theirs. Also, cooking at HuHut will probably get you laid.
  • If y0u want to come hang out in Spokane April 19th for Danni’s birthday live show, make sure email info@thejamhole.com and RSVP. We will be there Saturday April 17th, Jamhole live episode Monday April 19th, and then “Awaken” the 4/20 party is on Tuesday April 20th. Come on down and party with us, it’s going to be a blast.
  • We call up the guy who’s putting on the 4/20 show. He’s one cool motherfucker. You can check out the flyer on facebook here. The show is Tuesday, April 20th at Virtual Assault Paintball in Spokane Washington. The address is 4103 East Mission. This is for sure where you want to be to celebrate 4/20.
  • If all the music you make is based on hating on other performers, you probably don’t have anything important to say. So just shut the fuck up.
  • If you didn’t know, beef is what kills most popular rappers. Which sometimes, that might not be a bad thing, but other times, it’s life changing.
  • Hey Mat, I know your about ready to have some sex right now, but I need you to come down to the dragon’s den to record something. Well, let me listen to the song they made about you first, then I’ll decide if I should waste my time with it. After listening, I decided it was not worth my time.
  • Take me to your leader, Friday. Wait, the Friday after next? No, the other Friday. Here is their myspace page, you can decide for yourself. As of the time I’m writing this, they apparently put the diss song back up. It’s on their music player, called “The Senate” – Better Than You. Give it a listen if it’s still up and you’ll see what we’re talking about.
  • I forget words like a boss! But I’m working on that. I’ll try and get some videos up. Maybe I should just write simple rhymes so they are easy to remember.
  • I’m Switzerland in this rap game of Risk. Completely neutral, until you rap about me, then I’ll completely destroy you.
  • Minx and Nickel B rocked the house on Thursday. You can check out their myspace page here. Cop their albums, they are HOT.
  • Which chick? I’ll fucking kill her. I love you Dana! Your hate causes earthquakes in third world countries.
  • After party at our house… I guess. Probably the most people we’ve ever had crammed into our tiny little place. No more staying up until 4 am when I have to work the next morning.
  • Youth having sex with a donkey, in New Zealand. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Sodomy or purely sex? You got busted son! To have someone so young charged with bestiality, is a breath of fresh air.
  • Stop leaving babies alone when you have dogs in the house. They might eat their nuts. LIKE A BOSS!!!!
  • A phone call from the real redfox. You will never beat me at bowling.
  • Putting cheerleader piss in the punch. Straight from the source. Should have sold the shit on the internet. This gives me a great idea to sell Danni Panties! Fuck yes, like a boss!
  • You can find Lyrickal on myspace here.
  • Enjoy us closing out a show with a song, that I fuck up even more. Good times. We’ll see you Monday evening!

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