Ep 420: Poo Splatter Analyst


“Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I’m gonna cut your throat!”

This is how we type words into the ether. Sneaky like the dense fog creeps up on the unsuspecting morning dew drops. Creepy as all hell, sleepy usually after I post bail for the ghost with the most fails. Time ticks by, getting old and frail. Drove down to fetch the mail. Unrolled down blanket out to sit and sketch the female. If my head was just a tad bit more underwater I’d be drowning with the rest of the muddy trail squanderer’s. Who taught you how to think? Who taught you how to stink? Who caught you without a drink? Who brought you the fabled brink of extinction, the edge of all mankind’s creation. The one reason we wake up in the morning feeling like seizing the day till we start moaning and groaning, it’s like work. This is worse than work if I worked at a bird perch slurring your words, offering your merch for these purring nerds.

  • Let’s welcome Ryan back to the show. This is going to be fun! Happy episode 420!
  • Go join the Jamhole forums! They are ready to rock. Participation is key.
  • All of the Jamhole 404 bonus footage is up. Go check it out, over an hour of extra footage that accompanies the 404 live show. Which you should also go get.
  • I am getting pretty well versed in the ways of pressing play. I will probably be there this Thursday doing it again. I will probably slip in a rap song or two.
  • Who’s ready for Holiday Hulabaloo?!!?! Go blow all of your holiday bonus money on our money machine. I need to get a money machine.
  • If you are absconding, maybe you shouldn’t have a Facebook account. Just saying.
  • Let me tell you a story about my friend Ryan. I really like what you’ve done with the place. Epic!
  • Ok, from what I understand, someone needs to admit to someone else that they were indeed cheating, and someone should apologize for exhibiting weird behavior that way we can all move on with our lives. All he wants is closure.
  • Just stop lying.
  • If you have the instrumental to the Kottonmouth Kings song “Let’s do Drugs” please send it to me. I have to make a REMIX!!!
  • Ryan tells us about the time he got food poisoning from the Smiths grocery store deli. Ass in the toilet, face in the tub? Or do you go face in the toilet, ass in the tub?
  • The greatest words ever uttered in newspaper history, and probably police record history. Just think how bad her lady parts had to smell for this guy to turn her down.  TA DA!
  • And the conclusion of the time Ryan got food poisoning from eating corn dogs and egg rolls at the Smith’s deli. Talk about some massive cross contamination. It hit him and like three other people.
  • Hey, is this your bedroom or your bathroom, because I just took a dump on your bed.
  • Yea I fucked my son in front of a web cam for the internet. You wanna make something of it? Can I borrow your baby? I found the line. But only if you are a parent. I am not, so whatever.
  • Every five seconds, someone in the world is being raped. Eventually it WILL be your turn.
  • It’s not a dick. IT’S NOT! That’s it, I’m telling mom.
  • We have to get the demons out. Quick, toss me my heels so I can stand on his chest and mouth. You killed him. I guess that’s the greatest cure of all. Death, the cure to life. Get some!
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