Ep 444: Neck Chicken


“Who kept fucking her, seriously?”

What a wonderful episode of the Jamhole. We tried to do something a little different on this episode. I created some sound clips to play that go along with one of our topics. I would like to do more stuff like this for the show, it’s just very time consuming. Did you guys enjoy it? Or should we just stick with doing what we’ve been doing? Just curious. For this new year, I really want everyone who listens to this show to make a point to try and be more interactive. First and foremost, if you listen to this show even a little bit, make sure you are a member of our forums and the Facebook group, and give us a nice rating / review in Itunes. The forums is our little community where all of you guys and girls can interact with each other, as well as with us. Please go to the Facebook group and invite everyone you are friends with. The smart ones will figure it out and join, and the rest will be left like dust in the wind. Rating us on Itunes will give us a good ranking in the podcast charts, enabling more people to find us. If you want real time updates, Twitter is your best bet on a quick and easy way to stay updated with what we’re doing. Mine is @thejamhole and Danni’s is @dannigurl. But since most of you are already using Facebook, I have it linked so whatever I post on Twitter gets automatically posted on my Facebook. We also have profiles on other web 2.0 sites. Tumblr and Posterous get pictures and some daily updates posted to them. I would follow those if you just want something that lets you know when the show goes live. Tumblr and Posterous don’t get all of the mundane bullshit I post about my personal life like Twitter and Facebook does. For those people who really don’t give a shit what I’m doing day to day, joining our Tumblr or Posterous is your best bet. If you look on the menu about 3/4 down the site, you will see a section called “Jamhole’s Stuff.” This holds every site we have a Jamhole profile on, whether its our Miso profile you can join to see what TV shows and movies we are watching, or something like the Formspring “Ask us Anything” page where you can anonymously ask us questions about anything and everything. Basically, we are everywhere you are, so take a minute out and stalk us. We don’t mind.

  • Let’s welcome our good friend Kelly back to the Jamhole. If this episode sucks, blame Kelly. I really should know better by now not to get super blazed on the chronic right before a show, or while I’m trying to get said show ready to go.
  • Life certainly IS hot in Cracktown. Holy fucking shit, any movie that starts out with a good solid rape scene. When you start off on such a high note, it’s all downhill from there. What an amazing experience. The Jamhole highly recommends it. If you’d like to talk about this some more with us, join up on the Jamhole forums. It’s all about audience participation.
  • Hey Pizza Hut, are you aware we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic? Please stop telling people to stuff their faces. You are part of the problem, let’s try a little harder to be part of the solution. Thank you.
  • This chick made me weep for humanity. I totally forgot to put her picture as the album art, but I’m sure you get the picture. If not, you should start following us on one of the many social networks we are a part of. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Posterous just to name a few. We also have our own Jamhole Forums!
  • In a Hoard setting, if you throw something away, and the hoarder finds out, they have to replace it… Twice. Hey, I don’t make the Hoarder Law, I just abide by it.
  • Here’s a little best / worst for the Nice Man Podcast. Hoarder camera man, BEST… Driver for Dating in the Dark, THE WORST!!!
  • Let’s take a little audio phonic trip to Hanna’s farm. Sure, we try to switch it up every now and then. Did you like us playing sound clips like this? Email info@thejamhole.com and let me know what you think. We do this show for you, as well as for us. So if you want to hear more or less of something on the show, just let us know!
  • I really want to be the person who tracks down these hoarders. Either that, or the camera man. What a fucking dream job.
  • How do you know that you really don’t have ANY friends? When you threaten to kill yourself and everyone just makes fun of you on your Facebook wall. Fucking brilliant. Someone has clearly never heard the story of the boy who cried wolf. Now what did you learn? I don’t know about you, but when I see a wall, I either want to piss on it, or write all over it.
  • The end if near, because birds fell out of the sky. Of course there is a completely rational logical explanation for this. But rational and logical doesn’t make good headlines. I’m going to say it was due to fireworks freaking the birds out. Not the apocalypse you fucking retards.
  • Am I Bugging you? YES YOU ARE. Worst theme song ever. Hey Mike, you want to be different? How’s about nails on a chalkboard for the intro…
  • Apparently you are NOT allowed to wander through town dressed in your BDSM gear. Even if your mistress bitch orders you to.
  • Pop Quiz, you see a drunk chick passed out in her car. How do you help her? If you said you would fuck the holy shit out of her, then DING! That is the right answer. I mean it’s wrong, but it’s what this guy did.
  • Still waiting for ONE email from someone smart who lives in the bible belt. Your silence makes me right.
  • So that’s why we have so many fucking kids. Your birth control totally fucked your life up! Someone should add “How to pull out” back into the health class curriculum.
  • Here is the most disgusting thing you will see all week. Thank you berger! Titties are awesome, but five of them are not so awesome. She should have gotten the makeup artist from Total Recall to fix that shit up proper.
  • Did I show you god’s heart today? What a fucking bullshit joke. How can anyone take your religion seriously? I mean seriously dude. Someone should take the bible belt, and hang themselves with it. Problem solved.
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