Ep 504: Silk Road


“She submitted your information for douche of the year.”

Read this, and follow along carefully.

  • Welcome to a special Friday show, with Robby and a random Canadian chick, EyesofKrissy from the chat. She loved the show so much, she had to experience it IRL AFK.
  • Of course, let’s spend the next ten minutes making the Canadian say silly things. Yes, we all sound silly.
  • Does anyone remember David Koresh? Could you imagine if that man had a podcast?
  • Getting some great feedback from our YouTube page. We have a ton of videos up there for your viewing pleasure. Also, pay attention if you want to write us, because FrickFrock999 may have written the perfect listener message template. Thank you. Check out his candy reviews. Also, we’re waiting for the Jamhole candy review special. Start with the Twosomes, then work your way through the rest. I would have performed this piece, had I gone to the first Get Poetry open mic at Fatt Boys.
  • Also got some mail from the guys over at Rye Bread Radio. We will try and coordinate some time so we can get in their studio and do a show with them.
  • Check out Danni’s tumor documentary. Edited by Keith Mcnally. That kid is a video editing master. This is still the most viewed video set on our YouTube.
  • Happy GLBT month to all of our sexually confused listeners. Just kidding, I’m sure you all know what you’re doing.
  • Do you know what frequencies are? Because apparently they are really messing with some crazy lady here in Kalispell. Some people here are so fucking weird.
  • Better yet, let’s talk about Robby and his new girl friend. Not like a girlfriend… But you know. You should expect this type of behavior from us by now.
  • I love how this goes from us talking about them, to us trying to prank call her ex. How awesome is that to live in the house where your ex is bringing home weird American guys to fuck? Yea, really awesome! His name is Colton by the way.
  • What do you know about Silk Road? Apparently, back when Bitcoins were worth something, you could find any type of mind altering substance you’d like. Pretty slick. Leave it to the internet to figure out a way around our stupid drug prohibition problem. I will let Robby S my D for a Silk Road invite.
  • Yea, if you are waiting for us to make this call, stop. Because it doesn’t happen. Oh yea, spoiler alert.
  • This might just be like DUH, but did you know that school yard bullies are four more times likely to beat the holy shit out of their spouses as adults. Yea, that’s a DUH.
  • Ok girls, let’s measure some tits and see who’s bigger. Danni wins by a D.
  • I saw a bum today, wearing a B.U.M. jacket. That simply blew my fucking mind. Thanks Lucky!
  • Now let’s resume the story about the frequencies. They hit me with the frequency. Who is they? Exactly. Fuck that was weird.
  • I end up talking to the weirdest motherfuckers in my day to day travels. This guy also blew my mind. I am curious what a christian did to him that put such anger in his heart.
  • Hey, hows your backstreet boy rap music going? I can’t believe you opened for Skeelo. I bet he was PISSED. Hahaha. Oh well, we can’t all write halfway intelligent hip hop. I’m sorry, I am not paying 15 bucks for Madstyle 54, and Skeelo. I’m sure the place was packed.
  • More stupid laws that apparently, We the People voted in. Oh wait, no we didn’t. Our legislature pretty much does whatever the fuck it wants, and that shit HAS TO STOP.
  • This is why I will never play Russian Roulette with a dog. They almost never lose. I guess it seemed like a good idea after that third glass of moonshine. You also don’t want to play with a cat, because the cat can beat you eight times.
  • Robby tells us a joke, that he quite possibly already told on the show. I’m not sure. Did he? Email info@thejamhole.com.
  • A huge throbbing Jamhole handshake to the guys in Waikato who pulled off the prank penis seen from space. You = Best!
  • Make sure you like us on Facebook, and are a member of the forums, we’re going to be in Milwaukee July 21st – 25th. Join us won’t you? Then we’ll be having our third annual live show here August 13th. Come hang out in beautiful Kalispell Montana for some summer fun. White water rafting, rustic camping, and of course, the third annual live show. Don’t miss it!

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