Ep 505: Blowjoy


“Next thing you know he’s over at my house, and that’s how it went down.”

Ok, almost caught back up. Would you believe me if I told you sometimes I don’t feel like doing a show just because I know I will have to do the show notes? Yea, sometimes. Oddly enough, it’s never the times that we actually miss a show. It’s the little things…

  • It was so much fun the first time, they came back for the Monday episode! Rancid Rainman Robby and Kristen the Canadian joining us for some Jamhole fun. I was pretty sure we would never see her again. Glad she has the balls to kick it in the Jamhole.
  • Made some updates here and there on our website. If you haven’t in a while, go check out thejamhole.com. The episodes and show notes are on the main page, with all of the pertinent navigation and content links in the menu on the right. This site is really designed for those listeners who know how, and like to read. Lot’s of words, and if that is off putting to you, go learn to read. You’ll probably get a raise.
  • It would really be awesome if you went to Itunes and searched for The Jamhole, or clicked this link, then rated and reviewed our show. This will help us climb the ratings, which is huge in getting more, new listeners. Plus, it only takes you a second.
  • Speaking of spreading the good word of the Jamhole, if you have an old USB jump drive laying around, send it to the Jamhole PO Box. Either that or load it up with Jamhole episodes, and then send it to a friend. When they get it, copy the episodes onto their computer, then pass it on.
  • You can call live, like Redfox kind of did. Either Skype thejamhole or call 406.204.4687. Did you know you can also text my cell phone? That number is 406.848.1739. Holla at ya boy! We all have accents. Because we talk stupid.
  • We’re going to do a live episode in Milwaukee Wisconsin on Saturday, July 23rd at the University of Milwaukee. The details are here on the forums.
  • Keep an eye out for the Jamhole 24 hour marathon show. We’ll be starting Friday, July 8th through the 9th. It’s going to be fun, if you want to participate, hop on and let’s do this damn thing. We’ll have some special Jamhole Marathon merch for you. We are doing this to raise some money for the Milwaukee trip. We have our plane tickets already, and THAT’S IT! Seriously… Completely broke as a joke. A sad, unfunny joke.
  • German Bob, where are you?
  • The rest of the show is pretty much us talking about the show, and prying into the private lives of our two guests. Then Danni plays a round of What’s That Word?
  • Keep in mind, when you are using the Android speech to text, those bits of your voice are sitting on a server somewhere. Could you imagine going through all those voice clips? I bet they have some really awesome sound bites. I know I’ve given them a few.
  • Women know that a blow job is just another tool of the trade. Even Canadian women.
  • Be careful listening with headphones to the last ten minutes of the show. Robby got a little excited, and really loud.
  • MDS on the Jamhole forums is looking into making a Jamhole app. If you are skilled in the ways of mobile app making, hop on the forums and message him.
  • While you are on the forums, check out the thread of who you would like to see on the show during the 24 hour marathon. July 8th and 9th is when it’s on.
  • Fucking get the fuck a hold of us if you can help the show in any way. We’ve gotten it this far, so help a brotha out. Email info@thejamhole.com.
  • In other news, Harold Camping had a stroke. One step closer to coming to the great realization that there is no god.
  • Robby ends the show with the most disturbing joke he’s ever heard. He was also very loud at this part. I apologize, as will he the next episode he’s on.

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