Ep 508: Perfectly Worded Ideas


“Contact me and I’ll give you this guy’s name, and go get my fucking leather Marilyn Manson coat back from him.”

Let’s get up, get up and get down! Because as we all know, a tail, is nothing but a LONG booty. Not to be confused with the Booty Call Ninjas from last episode. Please, don’t ever confuse them. Bad ninja like things will happen to you.

  • Here we go with another Friday show. We usually are late with the Friday show, so you should all probably follow the Jamhole’s Twitter, the Jamhole Facebook page, and Danni’s Twitter. Any or all of these will tell you exactly what is going on with the show, when the episodes are posted, and when the live feed is LIVE. Hell yea. Let’s also welcome back Robby back for the Friday show.
  • This episode is all over the place. I’m going to go ahead and blame that shit on Robby again, since you know, he’s the guest.
  • If you need to know how to remove the Tylenol from the Vicodin, then check out the cold water extraction. You know, hypothetically. If you are doing drugs, make sure you know how to do them, and what you’re doing with them. Check out the forums over at Bluelight.ru, they are filled with a ton of helpful information. Also, if you are doing drugs that Eminem was rapping about in the first few albums, you are a pussy. But seriously, unless you are trying to prove something, I would stick with the herb. Unless it’s pot, moderation is key.
  • Somehow this turns into a discussion about drugs and sleep. Don’t ask how, don’t even try to figure out how.
  • Then in turn, that turns into a long winded discussion about amusement parks. While we’re at it, when we are in Milwaukee, we need to go to a theme park. Redfox, I hope you are making a list. We want to go to the house from the crack house documentary, and a good theme park.
  • The Hot Box started back up on Saturday, and we’re just in time! There is a ton of shit going on in the world of medical marijuana here in Montana. If you are curious, or this affects you in anyway, you should listen to the Hot Box. Episode 78 is the latest.
  • Remember, the Jamhole 24 hour marathon is July 15th – 16th. We’re trying to raise money for our trip to Milwaukee the week after. This is going to be 24 hours straight of amazing Jamhole goodness. Wake up and check it out, get off work and check it out, and before you go to bed? That’s right, check it out. It’s going to be a great time. There is a thread in the forums if you want to discuss it.
  • The Jamhole cool app of the week. If you are into driving like I am, check out WAZE. It makes driving fun. Or at least as fun as it can be. I have a theory this app was made by the oil companies to increase profits. When you see a piece of candy on the road, you MUST get it. Weird right?
  • Listen up, Robby tells a joke. You might want to adjust your sound for this, he got kind of loud.
  • I used to have kids, until I microwaved one of them! Danni’s new role model. If you microwave a baby, what’s the proper etiquette? Do you clean the microwave or just straight up get a new one?
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