Ep 511: Purity and Innocence


“We’re not religious extremists, we’re just prepared.”

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July, and managed to survive with all your limbs intact. At least those of you who listen to the show. Continuing on with last months don’t give a fuck celebration, I’m bringing it all the way to July! So in turn, I don’t give a fuck about anyone else but our listeners, because those are the people who count. We love each and every single Jamholia citizen, and in turn, you get amazing (or mediocre at best) content to help you get through your mundane slavery-esque days. We encourage, nay, we DEMAND as much audience participation as you can possibly muster up, so make sure you are on the Jamhole forums, read the show notes and leave comments on the main site, like us on Facebook, follow the Jamhole Twitter and Danni’s Twitter, and PLEASE, write us a great review on Itunes. These make a huge difference in how visible our podcast is in the Itunes directory.

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  • We saw Transformers 3, and according to Danni, I did in fact, enjoy this movie. I didn’t enjoy the fact that it was over two hours long, but hey, I don’t really enjoy anything that’s more than two hours long. Unless of course it’s the 24 hour Jamhole marathon. This marathon is going to get the holy fucking shit enjoyed out of it.
  • Speaking of the 24 hour Jamhole marathon, we are raising money for our trip to Milwaukee to do a huge podcast party live audience show with the guys from the show formerly known as Stereo Radiation, Mike Boudet from Am I Bugging You, Redfox and friends from Spork Roast, and possibly the bro-hounds from Rye Bread Radio. Keep in mind, we usually only do a live audience show once a year, and it’s here in Kalispell Montana. So if you are on the east side of the country, this might be one of your only chances to catch a Jamhole live show without traveling across the nation. It’s going to be a fucking blast, so don’t miss it. There is information on the Jamhole forums, so if you want to discuss or if you have questions, get registered.
  • Happy birthday Adam “press play” Langer. Don’t worry bro, they have amazing ways to get those unsightly gray hairs out. Just kidding, we love you! If you read this, I hope you are coming white water rafting with us.
  • Starting the show off with a little IRONY! If you protest a helmet law, you should really try not to crash and die during that protest… Especially if you are NOT wearing your helmet. Notice how Danni really doesn’t pay shit for attention when we discuss these stories. She’s like, “So what about next time?” Hahaha, yea he died and there is no next time… Anyways.
  • Did you know we have a U.S. Flag code? Sure you did, because your parents probably made you a boy scout or girl scout when you were younger. Anyways, all ladies wearing the American flag as a bathing suit, you need to remove them. You are violating the U.S. Flag code. It’s ok, I’m F.B.I. Honestly, we need a reset, so let’s design  a new fag flag for Jamholia. Wow, I really told you guys how to care for your flag. Thanks Jamhole!
  • The first trauma / death for independence day! Happy day to you sir! Possible Darwin award nominee? I think yes!  Let’s talk about firework destruction. Poor kid, he didn’t even see it coming. Wait a sec, yes he did. Oh, and in this article it says the kid was 19. IN THE THROAT!!
  • Dale took it personally when you made fun of him for the rapture, and his whole belief system, and he just lost his shit. That wasn’t very Jesus like now was it? He does look pretty apologetic in the mug shot.
  • More proof of the kitty not doing her job. Danni kills a spider ON AIR. Is that a first?
  • We watched the Nat Geo show, Preppers. These people are nuts, the more I think about it. They are the Jesus nuts, which is the best kind. Unless you are armed to take on a small army of infidels. But remember, he’s not a religious extremist, he’s just prepared. I would love to build something like that for all of us in Jamholia. It’s all about being as self sustaining as possible. Don’t be reliant on anyone for your main necessity’s. I can get down with that. Montana is probably a good place to set something like this up. How long do you think we can continue the way we are going? Leave a message or email 406.204.4687 / info@thejamhole.com.
  • This was the first time Google Chrome ever crashed on me during a live show. At least they have a nice funny comment when Chrome crashes.
  • If you are an older woman, please don’t have a child. It will probably have downs if you go invitro. Well it might, and it might not, but this study seems to think so. If you need fertility treatment, maybe think about just not. Unless we really need all women to be pregnant and / or birthing because of some crazy war or zombie apocalypse, just chill, find a nice rich cougar hunter, and enjoy life. Danni want’s a black / hatian baby. I’m not exactly sure that’s what she described.
  • Let’s talk about Obama dying and the Fox News politics Twitter account that reported it. I guess your security is as good as your “unbiased” biased reporting. Was it Password?
  • Let’s go check out the fireworks, I hope you all have a good night. Email us, Twitter us, Facebook us, Tumblr us, Posterous us, YouTube us, Google + us, text us, leave us a voicemail, send us a comment, and write us a review.
  • Let’s talk about why I don’t like Obama right now. It has to do with what I wrote on the Hot Box, in regards to his stance, or lack thereof, with marijuana. This is causing a LOT of problems right now, and has turned into a states rights vs. federal argument. OVER A FUCKING PLANT! Read my blog post and listen to the episode over at the Hot Box. Listening to me argue with someone in the chat is kind of like eavesdropping on someone’s cell phone conversation. Sorry guys. Can you name something awesome Obama has done?
  • Make sure you join us for the Jamhole 24 hour marathon show. Friday July 15th – 16th 11 – 11.
  • BYTE IS BACK! This is going to be awesome. July 11th, check it out!
  • The MTCIA Battle of the Bands is Saturday, July 9th. Come to Columbia Falls to the Bandit and watch some awesome local music! Plus it’s for a good cause.
  • We’re going to be in Milwaukee July 21 – 25th with a live show being at the University Saturday, July 23rd. Be there!
  • Our third annual Jamhole live show here in Kalispell Montana is happening August 8th – 13th. Get here, we got you covered. If you are coming whitewater rafting and rustic camping with us, make sure you RSVP on the Facebook event page. We have the dates finally locked in, so get here and let’s party! Text me if you have any questions at 406.848.1739.

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