Ep 512: Tweet Town Hall


“If you lied about that, what else did you lie about?”

Busy busy, that’s the sound of the day. I got another song written, going to try and record that sometime this next week. That makes this album close to being 75% done. Yay for hip hop. We have a couple of summer live shows happening that I’m sure by now, unless you already know you are coming to one of them, are probably sick and tired of hearing about. So I’ll spare you and just say that we’re going to do a 24 hour marathon show complete with special limited edition fundraising shirts for you all to buy, that way we can get some cash for this trip to Milwaukee. Plus we’re doing some white water rafting and rustic camping here for our third annual live show in August. See what I just did there. I made you think I was telling you something you wanted to hear, even though I prefaced it with stating I wasn’t going to tell you about the live shows again. Now are you sick of hearing about it? Good, then make sure you make whatever plans you need to make to get here or there for one or the other, OR BOTH! Could you fucking imagine that shit? Anyways, go check out the Rap Music project on the Jamhole music page. There is going to be a MTCIA sponsored battle of the Bands Saturday, July 9th. Lyrickal and myself will be there rapping, and Ian Baker and myself will be doing a live Hot Box podcast from there. There being the Bandit Bar in Columbia Falls Montana. Make sure you are there, this is for a good cause, and I’m going to be there!

– Monday, July 11th 2011, BYTE IS BACK! This is going to be epic! If you have no idea what this is, just go to byte.com on July 11th and search for Mat Lee. Haha, just kidding, but seriously, this is kind of my dream job (other than selling pot and rapping, and podcasting). So yea, let’s make this huge so I can retire from delivering water, and focus on my E stuff. It will be for your benefit more than mine. I’m all about working for the people. I just need enough to survive… And get high every now and then.

– For $185,000, we could buy .podcast from ICANN once they open up any TLD you want. I mean you can afford. Just think of .podcast and what we could do with that. Are there any angel investors out there? Hook a brotha up. WE need this.

– We’re doing a 24 hour marathon show next Friday and Saturday the 15th and 16th. This is to raise money for the Milwaukee live show from the 21st – 25th.

– There is also the MTCIA battle of the bands coming up this weekend (tomorrow when I wrote this), and LYrickal is going to be there! I am going to be there. And guess who else is going to be there? Bad Dog… This is going to be awesome. If you can’t make it in person, I will be streaming it live on Hot Box TV / Jamhole TV.

– This show should have been named fuck because of how much the federal government and most of our local officials have fucked us in regards to cannabis. Are you fucking kidding me? This plant has been more helpful to our quality of life than you have been. Is that why you try to put everyone who smokes it in jail? Anyways, check out the Hot Box podcast for more cannabis talk.

– The dates are set for the summer activities during the week of the third annual Jamhole live show. Starting August 8th to the 13th, this is how it’s going down. Tuesday and Wednesday, August 9th and 10th is Rustic Cabin Camping, August 11th is white water rafting in Glacier, we’ll do a live show at our place with anyone that wants to join us Friday, then the live third annual party is Saturday. Make sure you come up here for this, it’s going to be a BLAST! All the information is on the Jamhole Forums and the Jamhole Facebook page.

– One of our youngest listeners writes in and answers our question of, “What have you learned from the Jamhole?” What have we taught you in the 500 episodes you’ve been listening. Do you have an answer too? Email info@thejamhole.com and let us know your age, and what you’ve learned from the Jamhole. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to email the show and let us know you exist, this is it.

– Do you remember when our listeners fucked me into getting a STD test for $100? Yea, I’m still bitter about that.

– Did you hear about Obama’s Twitter Town Hall meeting? I have a question about why you lied to us about the feds allowing us to operate under OUR STATE LAW when it comes to medical cannabis. You completely fucked us. Oh, and your drug schedule has a typo. It says marijuana doesn’t have medical benefit. We’ve actually learned since that was put there, that it DOES. Maybe start some of that change, and change the drug schedule you fucking idiot. Thanks! Everyday marijuana is a schedule 1 substance, you are contradicting yourself. We are very passionate about this. I apologize for calling you an idiot Obama, but seriously. Fix this.

– So when the Federal government is in debt, who garnishes their wages?

– Thanks Exxon, we appreciate you managing to spill oil where there aren’t even any oceans. Yellowstone, and the people who live near there, and the animals who are fucked now, they all thank you also. Stop spilling oil on our planet!

Maybe if the kid would have had real parents, this might not have happened. Then again, maybe those grandparents were real fuckers. You never know. He did get sent to military school. Then again, he did get charged with arson. So like I said, you never know. If he would have listened to the Jamhole, this wouldn’t have happened.

– Leave a message at 406.204.4687 or email info@thejamhole.com. Remember all the dates for the most Jamholiest summer you’ve ever experienced. This is going to be a blast. Make sure to like us on Facebook and invite a couple of friends to do the same. Click the events button to RSVP for the third annual. If you have any questions, text me at 406.848.1739.

– Also remember that Monday, July 11th, BYTE IS BACK! Check out my words all up on that shit!

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