Ep 521: HTC Horrible


“Boom, I’m on your network and you’re making phone calls and I can hear you.”

What an awesome day it was! Today (Monday August 8th when I wrote this), marked the first day of my second week of vacation time. I take a week off work every year for the past three years to spend time with the fans / friends of the podcast that come from out of state to visit for the annual live audience show. This week as you may have heard has a lot of summer time fun stuff going on. The first two years we’ve done podcast live audience shows, they have been at the end of September, so we weren’t really able to enjoy the summer Montana activities. That’s why we changed the date if you were wondering. So today was day 1, we had a great tubing trip down the Swan river. There’s nothing like seeing a group of ten or fifteen guys and gals on tubes and rafts of all make and model, drinking beers while trying to stay upright floating down the river. See, if you would have made it to Montana for the third annual Jamhole live audience show, this is just one of the many fun outdoor things you would get to experience. Locals, you get to come too! So Tuesday and Wednesday we are going rustic cabin camping, then Thursday we are going to Glacier Park for some whitewater rafting. We have one or two spots left for the cabin trip, and two or three spots open for the rafting trip. If you want to join us, email info@thejamhole.com or call / text me at 406.848.1739. The cabin trip is $30 per person, and the rafting trip is $45. Then we bring it all to a climactic apex with tbhe third annual Jamhole live audience show (the Jamhole 525) Saturday, August 13 at 10pm at Anna’s Italian Grille. This is the same place we’ve had the party the last two years in a row, so come join us for the third one. Third times a charm right? This is going to be a great time, so get a hold of me if you want to go on the cabin trip or the rafting trip, OR BOTH! We’ll get back to the Wild River Adventure HQ around 4:30pm if you were curious. Also, if you want to see what the first two live audience shows were like, check out the first one on the Jamhole 250 and last years on the Jamhole 404 page.

– Let’s welcome Robby back for episode 521 of this huge steamy pile. Just doing podcasts until this live show shit. Three years in a row. If you want to see what the flyer looks like, check it out here on the TwitPic. Huge props to our friend Luke for drawing us in mutant podcast form.

– I’m gonna stop taking my hormone filled birth control, and I’m going to start my period. Well, not mine, but you know what I’m talking about. At least you probably do if you are listening along while browsing these words.

– More dentist talk, and why you can’t take that gross bio hazardous piece of broken dead cells home with you. Yea, it’s a bio hazard. If you ask me, Danni should get a job as a dental assistant. Doesn’t Devry still do that?

– Placenta is really good for your hair, and your body. Just rub it in.

– Ok, without further ado, we present to you are friend from Canada, Kefsco. If you don’t know who he is, he’s only the Android developer behind the amazing PoopLog app! I am really sorry for the audio quality, he was talking to his netbook mic, and it wasn’t as ok as I thought it would be. I did clean it up ALOT from what the original audio sounded like, so you can thank you for that.

– This is another brilliant app from the mind of Kefsco. Click it! Do you know what your click it count is? If you are rich, pay to click it. I mean why the fuck not? All he wants is one, can we help him with that?

– Robby helps out Kefsco with some smart Jewish financial advice. I mean, Robby IS a Jew.

– Let’s get to the REAL reason we brought Android developer Kefsco on the show, was to let Danni tell him all about her Android Annoyances. Yea, Kefsco made that site also. It’s cool, and I would like to write for that site. Well, we did have a good technology talk until our connection crapped out. It’s cool, he’s going to try and get set up with a head set with a decent mic and we’ll talk to him again.

– This app has a great application in the medical field. I’m sick of keeping track of your poop, so now I have the PoopLog app! Yea, so the next ten minutes of the show is poop talk. You can probably fast forward.

– I may have found the female version of Herbert from Family Guy. Yea, it was almost that creepy.

– Robby may have a legitimate medical condition that causes him to pee ten or twelve times when he comes over here for shows. It’s actually quite funny, and if you were all paying Jamhole reality subscribers, you would see that through our bathroom camera.

– I want the new Jamhole site to look like the kefsco site. He says at the bottom we can feel free to use any or all of the code. Make it happen.

– MDS was on his way up here from Defcon this year, and yes, I am super jealous. He’s here now, and he went tubing with us today.

– Speaking of hacking, if you have an insulin pump, you can get it hacked, and you can die. Also in the hacking vein, this cool little drone will fly over your place and hack your wifi. Pretty fucking cool.

– Robby is stoked about his new job. Telling kids that there really is no hope, no matter how much you pay attention in school. You can thank your parents and your grandparents for that.

–  I could lose my taste and probably not give a shit. But that’s just me. Eating is a social thing, and if I didn’t have to do it, I wouldn’t.

– These news stories aren’t sorted by state. They are sorted by time. This just in from Florida, kidnappers steal some shit from a house, then introduce the man’s wife, to the man’s girlfriend. Then they peaced out. That’s how it’s done. It’s an old army trick, called distraction.

– A man walked into a Wendy’s fully clothed. He walked into the bathroom and came out ready for NAKED TIME! Apparently, he just wanted to have sex with people. He’s going to go for a mental evaluation. Yea. I know he’s crazy, because he went to a Wendy’s to try and have sex.

Killed by a shoe. Well, there was a lot of anger behind that high heel. That’ll happen.

– Blunt force trauma is so messy, just carry a gun for fucks sake.

– Some crazy shitty border carnage. These guys caught a couple of Mexican nationals trying to smuggle drugs into Arizona. They made them eat the pot, burned their clothes and sent them on their way to wander the desert. Not nice feds, not nice at all.

– Leave a message for the show at 406.204.467 or email info@thejamhole.com. Remember, this is the week of the 525 show aka the third annual Jamhole live show. All of the info is on the events section on the Jamhole Facebook page. See you this week!

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