Ep 522: Queen of the Scratch-Offs


“Montana is just a great vacation spot.”

We came, we saw, we KICKED it’s ass! That’s right, it’s now the night of August 18th and I’ve finally got enough time and motivation to get some of these show notes caught up. This live show was a learning experience, and a fun time for those of us who were here. Not as many out of staters as the first two years, but I almost preferred it nice and chill this year. It was a very intimate setting. Of course I’ll get the pictures posted and I’ll get all the video footage sent off to McNally so he can turn another turd into video gold. I think we may have had a problem with the miniDV, but that’s what I get for using super expensive outdated tech. Oh well, you win some, you lose the rest. So yea, gotta get the notes done, and here they are. Thanks for coming, and an even bigger thanks for listening.

– Let’s welcome MDS to Montana, and the Jamhole studio for his turkey! Three years in a row. That’s how it’s done, listen up listeners.

– I’m from Sarasota Florida. Where? Florida. Check this out, ask me where I’m from. I’m proud of this.

– Tonight, I will be playing the role of a fake person. Enjoy. What do you think about using fake names on the internet? Of course the girl comes up with the revenge reason.

– Every user on second life is crazy.

– I understand what you’re saying Danni, but you are dead ass wrong. LOL. Everyone has a touch of insanity in them… If you come from Sarasota Florida.

– From walking the strip in Vegas to the middle of nowhere. Just like that. It would probably be relaxing if you weren’t kicking it with the Jamhole!

– You son of a bitch, I like my haircut. Hahaha, no, you’re right. Played some blackjack, counted some cards. You know, the usual.

– Danni explains to us how she games the video gambling systems. Once again, you are dead ass wrong. It is fun to listen to though. I think we also get schooled on the art of counting cards.

– That’s why it’s called the players club. DUH!

– Counting cards is not cheating. Just ask the casino.

– Third times a charm, even in podcasting. Would you have come again if it wasn’t our third annual? Of fucking course because we know how to have a good time.

– We even went on a little tubing trip down the swan. I’m wearing my sunglasses because my eyes are still burning from all the HOT ASS. I mean sun. The sun was hot. Hey, can you rub lotion on my back? Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t.

– Two thumbs up. All the way up. That’s how we try to roll. Can’t wait to do it again.

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