Ep 524: The Miracle of America


“You mean the diagram I purchased for twenty dollars?”

If you close your eyes and listen carefully, some say on the quietest of nights the careful listener can hear individual grains of sand as they scrape across the vast openness of the desert, blown towards disorder by some strange natural force. This is the nature, this is the nurture you’ve longed after, never quite getting that promised rest. Rest is for the wicked and I’ve been trying to sin my whole life away, but for some strange reason, I just can’t seem to get there. Always within view, but never quite within my grasp. Hey! Man… Nice shot. I’m glad we have large stores of bits and pieces of the Miracle that makes America so great. You know, if you war like a bitch, you’ll get walked all over and made to be an uncivilized third world country, useful for nothing more than virus / vaccination testing. Is that what you want to be? A third world country? No one wants that, especially for the children. So buckle up and shut the fuck down and get some work out there. Otherwise you’ll end up like this poor schmuck.

– Let’s welcome Stacey, Nicole, and MDS back to the Jamhole studio. This is a very special, very sleep deprived, very not live episode of the Jamhole. We figured we had to make up the show just so the numbering wouldn’t be off. A huge thanks to those who came to hang out from out of state and for the motivation to do a show, and make it halfway funny at 3 in the morning or whatever time the fuck it was.

– Who saw a miracle today? Iron steeds and leather britches. That’s the miracle of America museum. Check them out right here! I have the pictures of this little jaunt through the miracle of america. I’ll post them soon.

– Apparently back in the day, going to the salon was like taking a day trip to Pinhead’s torture chamber of pain. The miracle of America museum has something for everyone. We all highly suggest you visit it. It’s like a huge awesome game of where’s waldo!

– Yea, we pretty much get delirious and talk about all the little miracles we saw that day. It was truly an amazing day. This is why you should never miss a Jamhole party week. They only happen once a year, but when it happens, it HAPPENS.

– Huge thanks to MDS, Nicole and Stacey for footing our tickets at the miracle, and most everything else from the party week. Pretty much this wouldn’t have happened if they all didn’t come to help out the cause! Good times.

– Where are you from? I bet I have no less than two things from that state at all times. We are a proud people.

– They are a very expensive people to keep healthy. This was a racist bit, brought to you in part by the miracle. You never know when you might need that. That’s why we keep at least fifty of everything on hand at all time.

– Black Hurricanes? Yea, it’s a proper noun. This is why you shouldn’t forward. Thanks mom!

– Best doodle ever! I don’t even think you can see it. So I guess that means nothing to most of you. Toodle-oos!

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