Ep 535: Fair Use


“Byte, I’m coming back for you.”

A lot has happened in the past week, and all of it points in a very positive direction. I’m also thinking of stripping these show notes down to JUST NOTES, and using my Google+ account and / or Facebook (depending on how much interaction, and what kind of interaction I want to have, to do the more bloggy type stuff. That way if you want to read show notes, you don’t have to sift through my mindless ranting bullshit, and if you want to actually read my blogs / mindless ranting bullshit, you can do that over there. I like keeping these things separate. So keep in mind, I’m starting a couple of tech shows over at groovyPost. I’m very excited, I’ve never really had a chance to do something great in the industry I love (tech). It all started out with hearing Gina Smith speaking on Twit or Twig about bringing BYTE back. She needed some writers, so I said why not. Sent in a quick email, and got the freelance job. BYTE was an interesting place to work, and my first experience in a corporate setting like that. I will be forever grateful to Gina Smith and UBM for giving me my first chance at writing for a real publication. I will never forget that.  BYTE was an amazing team, and even as we struggled against the day to day hardships, the abondoment issues, the gender confusion, the backwards compatibility, if you will… There is a line every human being must get to. A line we must walk in order to get to our final destination. The short skinny of it is this. We accomplished something great that day. I’ll tell you what, an angel certainly did get it’s wings on July 11th 2011.

That was then, this is now, and look, I’m all grown up and mature, working my fair share of the struggle just like everyone else. We started Attack of the Androids, which records every Tuesday evening and posts that same night. We also started a groovy News Special Report, with our first episode airing yesterday discussing the Amazon announcement. Very exciting stuff, unless you’re my girlfriend, then you probably aren’t very amused by all this tech talk. But that’s ok, I love this shit! Oh yea, here’s some notes…

– Join us every Monday Wednesday and Friday, for the most part, for a Jamhole live show on Jamhole TV. On my behalf, I’d like to present you with one of my three jobs. Congrats!

– Does anyone want to invest in a restaurant Danni can run? I think that’s what she needs to do. But the catch is, all the waitresses need to look and act like Danni. How awesome would that be.

– Let me tell you something about this phone. Then let me tell you what men think about going into a Subway and ordering a six inch. The other six inchces of a twelve inch are pointless. Unless you are really hungry. I’ll have the eight inch.

– Well, the 2011 Podcast Award nominations have come and gone. I hope you all did your part. Here’s the list you should have submitted. Is that legal? Can I tell you who to nominate? Yes. Yes I can.

– Have you seen the new podcast love? Check out groovyCast. Hey that’s my name!

– Payback’s a bitch, bitch. You go through my shit, I will probably go through yours. I just won’t tell you about it for a few weeks.

– Danni has reservations about the survival of the fittest mentality of any kitchen job.

– Everyone loves eating at Anna’s, even the police! Anna’s is like a game of Donkey Kong. Check the reference. I want someone to animate this.

– You can all have the Jamhole 525 show, and if you like it, give us a five star rating and review on Itunes, AND / OR go buy the 250 and the 404 show for five bucks a piece. Thanks for supporting the show that supports your boring ass days.

– Brayden almost died. His body tried to sabotage him. He’s doing ok now. His appendix is awaiting sentencing.

– You can leave us a message at 406.204.4687 or skype: thejamhole and we might just even play it! Just like this one.

– Did I mention I got pulled over? Yea. Can we make straight long flat roads 35 instead of 25? How lame is 25 mph? Super lame. When you get to be my age, 40 is the new 25.

– Peace out guys. Go check out groovyPost, and if you have any tech questions, we’ll get them answered.

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