Ep 151: Climax


“Sometimes you just need dick!”

Hello and welcome to episode 151 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonights episode we talk about how Brayden kind of fucked us. Not just us as in Mat and Dana, but the collective Jamhole us… The US of A if you will. So we make fun of Brayden for a few, then we talk about the cure to Mat’s depression, and then we play some voicemails. This inspires Shazam to call in which turns into a 10 min              ute interview about picking up dudes on craigslist. So the email of the “guy” fucking with our shazam is slaphapppy@gmail.com. Good luck douche.

So then we all watch in awkward terror as Mat and Dana talk about how they have come to be. Of course that leads into some fuck my life, then we do some confessions, then we do some news. Don’t miss our good friend twentysix calling in throughout the show completely fucking drunk. I think we even got him puking on the recording. Fantastic! News stories include: A stripper so hot she’s on fire, and why it might not always be a good idea to have a one night stand.

A huge thanks to everyone that came out to the Friday night show, we had a blast, and I personally would like to thank Dana for staying here and putting up with me for as long as she has. Even thought I went to the store at 4:30 am to get you cold medicine so you could sleep. Your welcome 🙂 Also real quick, pardon the levels on her mic, she wasnt used to talking into it. You can go ahead and just blame that on brayden also.

And hey Brayden, if you ever leave me like that again, I’ll fucking kill myself.

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