Ep 153: Bottles of Beer


“You’re the only one I know that does that.”

Hello and welcome to episode 153 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonights episode we start things off with a little shtick joke humor in honor of our bro’s over at UYD. We finally caught up episode numbers to them, which is really cool for us because they are one of the shows we listened to before we started The Jamhole. So after that we talk about passing pussy amongst friends, then live video crashed of course, and then we talk about writing poems for girls you lo… like. That of course leads into some personal not girlfriend interest stories like the first time Mat stayed at his right hand man Dan’s pad.

After that we bring you late breaking updates in the Michael Phelps conspiracy, which leads us into why EVERYONE needs to VOTE NO on HB 473. Basically some douche in Roundup Montana wants to amend the Montana medical marijuana law. Really society? Ask a stupid question… So then we talk about taking shit for granted, which leads into a fantastic discussion about Nadya Suleman. If you aren’t in the no know, this is the fucking bitch who is living in a reality where its actually a good idea to have over 10 fucking kids. Everyone should leave nasty comments about how she is single handedly bringing down the US of A. You can also join us in sending her condoms and metal hangers and other forms of birth control so we help make sure she doesn’t crap out any more cunt turds. This leads us into talking about those retards over at PETA and why they like to help the homeless animal overpopulation problem by dressing up like the KKK, instead of the human overpopulation problem. Just die, everyone. Everyone except our listeners. You guys can live on. Help the Jamhole cure the worlds population problem, one retard at a time. Overpopulation should be a crime!

After that we do some fuck my life, then we do some confessions, then we do some news, then we do a clue. News stories include: Rack up another kill for Facebook. Meeting chicks in the real world… of warcraft. Shooting out your friends brown eye with an air rifle. Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up… because I’m fucking old. That’s it, its 2 am and I’m tired as fuck. See you Friday for episode 154.

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