Ep 157: Pig Pen


“I’ll do some coke every now and then, it ain’t no big thing.”

Hello and welcome to episode 157 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. We start out tonights show completely train wrecking the intro, which hasn’t happened in quite a long time. Then we talk about you guys giving us money to make the trip to new york. We are really looking forward to you all paying for us to get to new york. Truth be told, tonights show was kind of a drunken mess (Mat thought it would be cool to get danni and jessica drunk so maybe they would make out or something), if you were listening to the live show, you will know that plan back fired miserably. So after that we play some voicemails including the funniest joke ever told on this show! After that we talk about driving around soaking people, live streaming sex from the jamhole studio, and fool me once, fool me twice. Then we talk about danni getting pulled over for littering and… littering and…. Anyways, then we talk about abortion and sluts and kid style and being weeded. Its not what you think.

After all that ridiculousness we go over the top ten most embarrassing sex related arrests, then we do some fuck my life, then we do some news. News stories include: Jerking off in front of backpackers. The robots are actually really going to kill us all one day, HUAR!!!! The chimpanzee love circle of face ripping off doom! And what to do when you just cant get rid of that damn penis. We had a great time, you might wanna watch the video archive of the live show for this one. It was pretty fucking fantastic. Thanks to danni and jessica for being such good sports. We will see you Monday for episode 158.

Of course we’d choose laughter over orgasms, any day of the week son.

Now it’s our turn. Our would you rather for this week’s tri-podcast discussion involving The Jamhole, Hotcakes, and Stereo Radiation is as follows… Would you rather get your asshole corned by a dude (just an every day average joe six pack), or would you rather get your shit corned by the most beautiful chick with a dick you’ve ever seen in your whole life. As a matter of fact, she’s so fucking beautiful, she is the most beautiful human (man or woman or whatever) you have ever seen in your life. The choice is yours my friends, choose wisely. This is the question of the week starting Feb 23rd.

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