Ep 198: Namek


“Rent costs a lot in negative money land.”

Hello and welcome to episode 198 The Jamhole free comedy podcast. On tonight’s episode we have danni running the record button with Jon sitting on the couch. We did the whole thing, without even thinking twice. I hope braydens head doesn’t explode because he sounded pretty serious over the phone. I’m sure everything will be ok if we just put our trust in the one true… Well you know what i mean. So we talk about Wendys fucking up some more shit, you’d like to think we know better by now, but we do not. We talk about banks and why they are a bunch of fucking assholes, I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about. Jon interjects here and there, I was super excited when Danni told me I should take Jon to work at like 8 in the AM. Super excited. But when they promise a blow job, and those are not as plentiful as they used to be, you’ll do it. Of course you’ll do it. You have to, I mean fuck dude, its a fucking blow job for fucks sake. So then we talk about the best rape scene ever in the movie The last house on the left. After that… Holy fucking shit, after that we talk about Dragonball Z. I cant even describe this just listen to it. You may run twitter, but I gotcha here bitch. This shit right here? This is my shit. I know you read this. That ass is mine bitch. Oh, and I did find out who Bo Bice is. Bo Bice was the runner up in the fourth season of American Idol. Tickets to a Bo Bice concert? Wow dude, thats really fucking smooth.

So then we do some fuck my life then Mat reads some news stories. Pizza guy leads cops to rape victims. Serial cat killing in Miami. Urinating on live wires in India (they have live wires there?) Weird. Killing your baby by making it eat button sized batteries. This happens to around 3000 unsuspecting children every year. Ooops, my baby choked, must have swallowed a battery ON ACCIDENT.

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