Ep 249: Paul


“This isn’t what I was looking for in a girlfriend.”

This is the last episode before the live audience show. There will be no episode 250 on the feed. We are filming the party and making a movie you will all be able to purchase once is finished. We are very excited and proud to have made it this far in the podcast game. I would like to thank everyone that took the time and money to take planes, trains, and automobiles all the way up here to Montana to help celebrate 250 episodes of the jamhole with us. So that is probably about it for the intro paragraph, I gotta get these notes done and pack everything up. Wish us luck, and if you are coming to the live show, we’ll see you at 8pm for dinner, then the show starts around 10.

  • Hey Danni’s mom, just because I got you a sack once or twice, doesn’t mean I’m your new weed go getter.
  • Printers are smarter than their own good, and that could be dangerous.
  • Thanks to everyone who let us borrow equipment, without you guys the show wouldn’t be near what it is.
  • Tupac puts out more albums dead than some rappers do alive. Maybe he’s not quite dead enough?
  • Danni is having a baby, it’s name is Paul. I blame the holy ghost for this one. No cash, no life saving surgery.
  • If you ever go to the doctors office, under occupation, make sure you put “Radio Host.”
  • Bring on the cyst jokes.
  • Banks have been fucking people for ages, that’s about to change. Well the way they fuck you will change, but of course, they will keep on fucking. What do we need banks for?
  • Please stop fucking with our smokes. This is supposed to be land of the free remember?
  • The most sure fire way to get the hospital to help you. Get your dick stuck in something! Also, why do hospitals name themselves after religious things? People are fucking retarded.
  • Getting stabbed in the ass. What a fucking day. Check out the x-ray picture. It’s crazy.
  • Cops busted while playing the wii on the job. Fucking pigs!

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