The Jamhole 744: General Public


“To calm my nerves, because I’m autistic as fuck.” Another week, another episode of the Jamhole in the books. Thanks for checking out the show. Project Survival is out now everywhere! I’m pretty stoked for this album so definitely make sure you check it out. On today’s show we have Ant joining us. Kick back…… Continue reading The Jamhole 744: General Public

TJH 628: Duck Dynasty Action Figures


“Oregon has drugs there, why are you huffing duster?” A day late and a dollar short, but that’s just how it goes sometimes here in Jamholia. Back with another episode of this shit. What a fucking week. I hope to never deal with a week like that again, but you know I’ll have to. It’s…… Continue reading TJH 628: Duck Dynasty Action Figures

Dodgeball Game 1


Well, here it is, a sport like no other. Dodgeball used to be my favorite gym class game back in grade school. Back then it was called Warball, but that makes sense considering it was a Lutheran school I went to. Everything is war with these people. Anyways, the Flathead Dodgeball Association has started a pretty damn cool thing…… Continue reading Dodgeball Game 1

Ep 293: No Call No Show


“I will cry if I have to.” Well, we expected to start the new year off positively, but from the sounds of all the news that’s been coming in, we have once again failed. Maybe people have a different idea of what positive means. Maybe some people think killing, raping, and acting like idiots is…… Continue reading Ep 293: No Call No Show

Ep 291: Operation Stop and Think


“I remember my mom and dad having this same arguement when I was 5.” Another year, another decade in the history books. Although your children won’t read about it until the next decade, because the history books they have in school are that out dated. Maybe in the great year 2010, we’ll figure out how…… Continue reading Ep 291: Operation Stop and Think

Ep 290: Grammar, Penis, and Pussy


“I don’t need to hear you, I just need to see those titties.” On account of my rather lengthy essay on Christmas and why religion sucks in general on the show notes for episode 289, I’m going to keep this brief. I’m sure most of you didn’t read that anyways, so when you read this and see…… Continue reading Ep 290: Grammar, Penis, and Pussy

Ep 289: The Christmas Cheer


“I mowed down a tree because it was pissing me off.” The presents have all been opened, the carefully cut and taped wrapping paper that once hid the anticipation and surprise from the unsuspecting eyes of those who would be the recipients, now lays in heaping crumpled mounds inside our trash cans, awaiting their final…… Continue reading Ep 289: The Christmas Cheer

Ep 287: Naggers


“I want everything to be awesome, I wanna try ecstasy.” First of all, I would like to apologize for getting thrown off my game during this episode. It’s hard to concentrate on what I’m trying to say when we have little jack fuck pud pounders in the chat spamming the word “Naggers” over and over again.…… Continue reading Ep 287: Naggers

Ep 286: Baby Shit Myself


“I just gave birth to the newest cat toy.” It’s very late on a Sunday night, so I’m going to keep this brief. We watched the movie Avatar today, and I have to say, this being my first 3D movie, I was very blown away by how beautiful it looked. Then again, if I spent…… Continue reading Ep 286: Baby Shit Myself

Ep 285: Voodoo Doll


“You couldn’t abort the antichrist.” Welcome to part four of our series on why shit is all fucked up. In this part our focus will be religion. Say what you will about religion, but as far as being an efficacious way of controlling people, making money, getting people to believe in ridiculous ideas, and amassing large numbers, they are…… Continue reading Ep 285: Voodoo Doll