Ep 321: Live and Learn


“Yep, we saw that one coming.”

Just when I thought the city I lived in was starting to get educated on the whole medical marijuana thing, and starting to make good choices that will move the community forward, they come out and pull this kind of crap. Basically to sum up the story and to save you from having to read the whole thing, it states that the city ordinance will be amended to prohibit any new medical marijuana dispensaries from operating within city limits. You know, the same city limits that allows bars, casinos, and payday loan places to operate on every fucking block, and near the very same parks where your children go to play. This is our great city leaders making it loud and clear that they consider medical marijuana a greater threat to the community than everything I have just listed. You know, even though people have been smoking pot for all sorts of reasons since the plant was first discovered to be so fucking awesome, it still has not been directly responsible for one single death. Amazing right? So it seems Kalispell’s planning director, Tom Jentz, is more worried about Kalispell’s image with tourists than he is with helping sick dying people get the proper medicine they need. So let me get this straight Tom, you are taking the side of people who come visit and help our economy ONLY during tourist season, instead of something that could help the cities dying economy all year around? I think someone needs to sit down with Tom and go over the numbers, because that is completely ridiculous and counter productive. He also seems to be worried about state and federal law, but I highly suspect that is just an excuse, especially considering the fact that the state law allows medical marijuana, and the Obama Administration announced they will not prosecute medical marijuana cases at the federal level. It seems the leaders of our city are worried what will happen if a different administration steps in and once again tightens the federal laws. I firmly believe that by worrying about those things, you are once again holding up forward progress. The people have spoken, numerous times, but it seems the city is refusing to listen. Which is silly, especially in a city that seems to be as broke as it’s inhabitants are, maybe you would want to evolve and embrace these new ways to make money. Especially since there are more pot smoking voters than non, and we WILL remember this come time for re election. If you won’t do the job, we’ll elect officials that will. You should also feel lucky that we are even offering you the chance to tax the weed we smoke. I have never had a problem finding weed in this valley allegedly, and that was back when the laws were strict. Sure it’s nice now, not having to worry about it, and the quality of the weed is the best I’ve ever seen, but like I said, I’m allegedly smoking either way. Basically it comes down to this. No matter what you do, the people that want to smoke weed, are going to smoke weed. That’s all there is to it. If you want to waste a shitload of tax payer money to prosecute these people who have for the most part, always been productive members of society, then that’s your problem. All you are doing is instilling a distrust and distaste for the officials that are making these ridiculous city ordinances. Remember back in the day when the city made an ordinance outlawing skateboarding within the city limits? Remember how well that worked out? You are making the exact same mistake all over again. It seems that for people who think themselves quite educated, you are all making very poor decisions on how to handle this. Maybe it’s time for a changing of the guard, to more modernized people who know how to run a city properly.

  • Thanks for the snow again. I thought we were done with that shit. So THIS will be the last snow… Right?
  • The keith and the girl book is OUT!!! Fuck yea, you should all go buy a copy, it’s so fucking funny, and helpful, at the same fucking time. Here’s the pic I was talking about in the book store. It’s wonderful. Hopefully we can get them on the show to talk about the book.
  • We can get water for 49 cents a gallon. Well, you can get it for a lot less out of your faucet, that’s not the point. Hidda hadda herdda. Some people just don’t get it.
  • The continuing saga of the Jamhole vs. quackery. I’ll tell you, the quackery is not winning. Still haven’t seen any evidence of your claims, only blah blah blah. I’m the least of your worries, trust me. We also have a little creep show going on. Check this out. I have a theory about this. Someone is an angry drunk. Who’s the wanker now?
  • Ashley, Dana, and my brother may be the only three people left in this valley that don’t smoke weed. And seriously, how many times do we need to vote on something for you to get it through your heads, that this is what we want? No shit nothing ever gets done. Here’s a quick MPP update! Good things are happening, and after you donate to the show, you should donate to them.
  • WWJD??!?! Question 28 Would you fuck the pain away? Yea, probably not, sorry!
  • Cory Haim is dead. Who’s that? No seriously, I have no idea who that is. I’ve gone through therapy to try and forget the 80s. Moving on…
  • Giving birth in jail, suffocating the child, then properly disposing of the dead baby in a trash can. How many cock puns were made? Is it a miscarriage if you did that on purpose? Nah, fuck it…
  • Oh shit, I didn’t know my Wii gun was loaded. Nice parenting! I always like to leave my loaded pistol next to my 3 year old’s real looking Wii gun.
  • Stealing cocaine out of the evidence locker. Yea, cocaine is just that good. Like no one would notice right?
  • We’re going to bring this death row inmate back to life, put him on suicide watch, then kill him later next week. That’s right, you don’t get to kill you, that’s our job, and we’ll waste as much money as we need to, in order to do that job.
  • More gay sexual harassment embarrassment at the government level. We know you are all gay, you can come out of the closet now. Stop molesting your staff… of +5 ejaculate.
  • The pope’s brother ignored more than the word of god. You know, the word that says NOT to molest children. You weird creepy fuck, how’s your fake ass religion doing? Tsk Tsk, the sad thing is, the religion is prospering, because people are retarded.
  • Who wouldn’t want to take a piss in dubya’s mouth? I want this toilet, it’s so fucking cool.
  • Even though you are married to her, doesn’t mean you can be creepy and spy on her while she’s in the bathroom. Oh yea, he was on meth too. You can however, rape the fuck out of her. Once you get married, that’s consent, and it lasts until you get divorced. I put a ring on it, it’s mine.
  • Dana has been shitting her fucking brains the fuck out. All over the place. Maybe she’s subluxated? Hahaha, just kidding… See you Friday! We are going to have a party Friday with Brayden, hack.planet, rhythm, and of course, Dana and myself! Period fuck you.

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