Ep 335: Rape aXe


“You’re British and I’m from a sweatshop.”

There isn’t a whole lot going on right now. I’m just about finished with “god is not Great” by Christopher Hitchens. The more I read this book the more it becomes crystal clear that god was just an idea postulated by man, and the more man evolves, the less there is a need for that man made deity. Hitchens quotes quite a few old school philosophers, most of which are in the philosophy book my grandpa sent me. Here is something from Epicurus speaking about the omnipresent nature of god. “Is he willing to prevent evil but not able? Then is he impotent. Is he able but not willing? Then is he malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Whence then is evil?” Hume suggested that the profession of belief in a perfectly simple and omnipresent supreme being was in fact a covert profession of atheism, because such a being could possess nothing that we could reasonably call a mind, or a will. Hitchens also mentions a question that was asked by the Chinese when the first Christian missionaries made their appearance. “If god has revealed himself, how is it that he has allowed so many centuries to elapse before informing the Chinese?” This makes me think that if you had two civilizations that are completely cut off from each other in every was possible, would one of these civilizations end up creating a mythological story as to how they came to be? Perhaps they both would. But then when you take the two and put them together, would they each have the same story of creation? It seems silly to me that if there really is / was one true god, I would think that each civilization would have the same stories about it. But as we look back through history, some of the civilizations have deistic views that are as different from others as night and day. It’s like when you and your friends get in trouble, it’s always wise to have the same story to tell. When you have discrepancies in your stories like that, someone is lying. So that’s about it, if you want to read more about this stuff, I highly recommend picking up “god is not Great.”

  • No kidding there isn’t many black people living in the Flathead Valley. Most of the older people who live here don’t like them. A couple of them even post on this website trying to get more of their white power people to move here because it is friendly to their kind. STOP IT! Grow the fuck up and evolve with the rest of us. People are people and some people are complete shit. Doesn’t matter what race they happen to be. If reincarnation is true, I hope I come back as a big dicked black man so I can rape the fuck out of you and all of your white daughters.
  • So the city would rather be known as the meth capital and the racist capital. Not the pot capital. You are so fucking stupid. Holla at the Cannabis Farmacy and the other sign that got put up. Welcome to the Flathead Valley, we have the best chronic around! Check out the menu page for proof.
  • Thanks to everyone that came and hung out this weekend with us. We’ll be having a party for Dana’s birthday in Spokane Washington on Monday, April 19th. If you wanna come kick it, let us know.
  • Check out the flyers for the Awaken show on Tuesday, April 20th. We’ll be performing along with a grip of other talent. It’s going to be a blast. If you can make the trip, I highly recommend it.
  • Let’s over analyze the diss song we were talking about on the Friday episode. You sure do rhyme the N word good. Way to bring it back to the white people!
  • Don’t tell on your brother if you have shit to hide, because it will most likely end up ALL OVER the internet. Bibby bang! Hahahaha.
  • Don’t clean your bong when you are in a shitty mood. You might just burn your shitty little trailer down.
  • Weird sex things humans are into. Hell yea, I’m into a few of those myself. Just check the pictures, if you can bust a nut by the last one, you are a MAN!
  • Guess who has a huge bad ass black truck. No honey, I said MORE feminine. Fuck it, never mind… She still doesn’t have a job yet  and it’s almost her birthday, so hook it up!
  • The best way to stalk a woman. Of course it takes a retired cop to figure this out. Nice work!
  • Getting ripped off by a hooker at a white castle. Should you A. Call the cops, or B. Not call the cops. Hmmmm…
  • Let me rape AXE you a question. Do you have razor blades up your twat? Because if I hurt my dick while raping you, I’m going to kill you so hard. I understand, I would rape a virgin too for a cure if I had AIDS.
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