Ep 343: Piracy Punishment


“Hey Mat, what is the most not sexy thing you can think of?”

An old Dutch proverb once said, “Many words don’t fill the sack.” I’m going to go ahead and agree with that, as I scratch my empty sack with a satisfied look sitting on my face.

  • A quick run down of the movie Is Anybody There from Danni. This is followed by a  brief reminiscing of Michael Caine’s amazing movie career. Harry Brown was a cool fucking movie. You should probably try and watch it.
  • Keep your ears open for the Jamhole’s first sister podcast. Check out the forums post to help us name it.
  • I finally posted the pics from our trip to Spokane for the Awaken party. We sure do enjoy the 4/20.
  • Were you a conceived mushroom baby? This is what happens when you get your chick preggers while tripping balls on shrooms and / or acid.
  • If I were eight months pregnant, could you fuck me? Probably not. Head hung low.
  • We should sue BP on behalf of the planet. Class action style. Pay me for destroying the planet on which I live. If these companies are going to destroy our home, the least they could do is pay us for it. I mean fuck right?
  • May 20th is draw Muhammad day. Let’s draw the fuck out of Muhammad. Send us your pictures and we’ll post them on the site. Mark your calendars.
  • When you take a piss in the morning, do you fart? I should start recording this.
  • If you are familiar with the torrent protocol at all, you might find this interesting. Interesting use of fear and social engineering.
  • This will make you eel. Followed by the cat licking her asshole. This is why you need to watch the live shows.
  • Sexually assaulting yourself in jail… With a hot sauce bottle. You are a foul creature.
  • If you keep stealing from my store, I’m going to nail your ass to the wall… Literally. Well actually, I’m going to find a couple of kids your age to do it for me. Three cheers for India!
  • We need to get an African Grey to help us host the show. That would be awesome. We have some stories about African Gray birds. Danni is a lizard killer.
  • Wrecking the house, biting fingers, and killing the loud mouth bird. Go wash your hands. Definitely not the birds cup of tea. He got his feathers pulled out. This story reminds me of someone, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • If your kid won’t sit still, hog tie the fucker. Problem solved. Let’s have a quick round of applause for Cleveland Ohio. Danni is the worse guesser in the world. You just lost all your little paychecks. That’s the sad part about this whole thing.
  • Send us a postcard from your locale, we’ll decorate our walls with them. If you like the show, toss us a couple bucks. We know you love the fast download speeds. Also, I posted a couple hip hop videos from Grizzly Jacks. If you are local, come check us out every Thursday at 9pm. Bring your ladies and your dancing shoes.

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