Ep 344: New Nightmare


“You’re a little fucked dude.”

So the people have spoken and it’s once again making the headlines here in our quiet mountain town of Kalispell Montana. Back in 2004, the people made it very clear that we wanted marijuana legalized. We know that the only way we are ever going to make that happen, is by first legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal use. Once that gets done, we will be able to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that marijuana has absolutely zero harmful effects and properties to it, and that the laws fueling the drug war do more harm than good, therefore it should be completely legalized. We can go back to the age old arguement of statistics and proven scientific evidence that alcohol is far more harmful and has way more deaths attributed to it than marijuana ever has or ever will. Yet the drink is legal but the plant is not. So here we are, over five years later, still trying to take care of business. It seems the city is being run by complete morons, because the council once again voted to ban new medical marijuana dispensaries and commercial grow operations within city limits. You know, those same city limits that are peppered with casinos and bars. Those very same city limits that are riddled with sex offenders and child molestors, churches and payday loan places. The one good thing that could actually help the city, and those in charge ban it. What a fucking joke. You can’t hide behind the “federal loans will have to be re-payed if we break federal law” argument forever. Pretty soon you are going to have to face up to the FACTS of why you really don’t want people growing and smoking pot. IF you even know why. My guess is these leaders of ours have their heads so far up their own asses that everything they see is shit. Guess what Kalispell city council? Washington D.C. finally got their medical marijuana initiative ban lifted. That’s right, the place where our Federal Government rules from is now able to implement the medical marijuana initiative they passed over ten years ago. So what are you afraid of Kalispell city council? Open your eyes and start being part of the solution, not the problem.

  • Guess who smokes pot now?
  • I finally got some videos of us rapping at Grizzly Jacks on Thursday nights. Check out the Jamhole YouTube page. If you are local, come out to Grizzly Jacks on Thursday nights at 9pm. We do live hip hop and have a ladies night dance contest.
  • We get a little geeky for a few. Jailbreaking the Iphone 3GS makes me really glad I have a Droid. If you need a good jailbreak program, check out Spirit. Word on the street is you can break it, but there is NO unlock yet. In other geeky news, GSM isn’t secure anymore. Told you so!
  • Also speaking in geek, let’s talk about some cool Android apps. Abduction is awesome, and very addictive, so be careful. You also want to check out ThrottleCopter and Missile Shield. If you want to play Nintendo games on the Droid, check out Nesoid. You will need the NES roms for the emulator to work with. If you need something, all you have to do is ask.
  • If you make it easy to buy apps, people will buy the fuck out of them. I’ll work on making a page that lists all of the apps I’m currently using. For now check out Light Racer, Raging Thunder 2, Space War, GPS Status, G-Mon, Speed Test, Twidroid, TrapsterBeyondPod, WeatherBug, and Advanced Task Killer.
  • The Ipod touch finally took a dump on my face. So now the Droid is on it’s own, and it’s doing amazing.
  • If you ever need to buy something from Best Buy, make sure you know someone that works there. Thank you friend! If you have a friend you can get a $52.99 tuner for $18.99. That’s what I’m talking about.
  • Evil Dead the musical as put on by FVCC was fucking awesome. Again, thank you Nicole for getting us tickets. Look who’s evil now!
  • We saw the new Nightmare on Elm Street, and it was pretty fucking cool. They picked the only guy that could have played Freddy. It got us in the mood for nightmares so much, we had to watch Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Danni is SOOOO fun to scare.
  • Another update and some comparison on the oil tragedy. Check out these pictures of the explosion. I’m really glad that oil is a renewable resource, otherwise this might me a HUGE problem.
  • Trapped in bed because you have massive boobs. I didn’t even know N cup was a real thing.
  • She may be the hottest chick in porn. She comes to the rescue of a guy who was jerking off to her films. I swear, she looked over 18. No she didn’t, and you know it.
  • If all debt collectors did this, no one would be in debt. Or we would all be covered in shit.
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