Ep 349: Snapper Trapper


“Are we talkin’ Wraith rape?”

You know the world is truly coming to an end when things like this happen. Not only the fact that it happened, but that it was at the top of my google news entertainment section. Justin Beiber has been nominated for a black entertainment television award. Nominated for what? Cutest prison bitch of the year? I apologize, that was a racist thing to say. The kid is like sixteen years old, and apparently the Canadian symbol of idolatry at the moment. The first time I ever heard of Justin Beiber was from a fucking twitter trending topic. I kept seeing his name up there, so finally one day I was like who the fuck is this? I checked out his music, and sure the kid can sing, but the music was exactly like every other song on the radio or television today. Complete crap. They are fooling the fuck out of you, and you pay them to do it. It’s the greatest business model ever! I don’t usually write about “celebrities” but I really didn’t have much else to write about, and this kind of blew my mind. It’s really funny to me that out of all the music that’s ever been made, either white or black, it ends up being some sixteen year old Canadian kid from Bumfuck Onatario that bridges the race gap with a bridge that neither Eminem, nor Jay Z could burn down. Then again, we’re talking about B.E.T. here, which is owned by Viacom, which is owned by a bunch of rich white Jews. B.E.T. is for the “White” black people. It’s like Wayne Brady or Obama. They are “white” black people. I guess it’s only fair, considering we have no shortage of “black” white people. Especially up here in Kalispell. So yea, that’s all I got for you. Back to work on the Hot Box. Oh right, here’s the show notes…

  • I am quite aware of my hair issue. Thank you. It’s my father’s fault. He’s dead now, so I guess that’ll teach him to give me shitty hair genes.
  • Keep your eye out for the first episode of the Hot Box podcast. If you like weed, you’ll probably want to listen to this. I’ll give you the info as soon as the site is finished. If you want to help us finish the site, email info@thejamhole.com or peep the form on this page. The Hot Box is my own personal Jamhole.
  • I remember why I don’t do graphic design for a living.
  • If you guys know where I can get a ZPM, holla at me. We are holding down Atlantis with everything we have. Which isn’t much without a ZPM. ZPM stands for Zero Point Module, FYI. Fucking hive ships. Fuck I really wish star gates were real.
  • Danni is starting to like pot again. Yay for me. Restless leg syndrome is a real thing, and it fucking sucks.
  • Remind me again of what you caught when we went fishing? Oh right, NOTHING. 🙂 Did you know Lyrickal is also a fitness trainer? We went running. Fuck running.
  • I am not a big fan of the May fly.
  • Don’t let the car fool you, my treasure is in heaven.
  • Have you ever had a Rape Dilema? Well the Congo is having one right fucking now. Good luck women.
  • This is why your mother told you not to eat dirt when you were a kid. Mud pies for everyone! Danni tells us about her friend who used to eat chalk. Dirt should be worth more than gold.
  • China is having even more problems. I think it’s population control. They put something in the water that is making people go wild with the beaver cleaver cutting fools the fuck up.
  • A man entered hymen city with a gun… And it was loaded. Oh yea, he also killed his bitch ass wife.
  • Stabbing the bar owner for not turning it up. The jukebox that is. When the song says Turn It Up, it’s best to do what the song says to do.
  • Racking up a pretty sweet Verizon phone bill. Because they like to fuck you over when you pay for tethering. That’s why we all recommend Pda Net.
  • Google or Apple? Do you even have to ask? Leave a message at 406.204.4687.
  • We’ll see you Wednesday! Stalk us on all the usual sites, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace.

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