Ep 350: Unnamed Podcast


“You owe me an apology.”

Some, if not most people will agree that we are facing some pretty tough times right now. The economy is crap, people are struggling to live paycheck to paycheck, assuming you even have a job. Unemployment rates are higher than they have been in quite some time. The nation is divided between the left wing crazy people and the right wing crazy people. It seems like common sense to me that if you want to get things done and make the world a better place, you have to work together rather than against each other. Having the country split up into different categorical belief systems only makes more problems in my opinion. As soon as you split people up, you create unrest within the society. If everyone could just be a human being, rather than having to classify themselves as being a republican or a democrat, a baptist or a catholic, a black person or a white person, I think we would be doing alright. If Stargate Atlantis has taught me one thing, it’s that we are all members of the same species, regardless of what color we are, or what planet we live on, and if we are going to defeat the wraith threat, we have to work together. Granted we face problems greater than just the impending wraith attack, or the internal disruption I’m talking about here, but if you have a good foundation to start with, whatever you decide to build will, for the most part, stand the test of time. The ancients have taught us that.

I also believe that as soon as the powers that be brainwashed society into thinking the whole point of life was to get as much money and material possessions as possible in the time allotted, and fuck everyone else, you created a huge problem. Now, instead of people working together with their neighbors to achieve a common goal, they are working against each other, trying to get as much shit as they can, destroying everyone and everything in their path. Granted, the majority of people are, for some mysterious reason, intrinsically pulled toward being greedy and selfish, but I believe that is a problematic bi-product of hundreds of years of conditioning and subtle brainwashing generously provided via advertisements and propaganda by the government and those who fund them. So what do we do? Either we can continue to live trapped in a blue dream created by those who have been corrupted by the power, or we can unplug ourselves. Turn the tv off, turn the internet on, and keep an open mind. Put your trust in science and logical thinking rather than blind faith and outdated belief systems. Think for yourself, and listen to the Jamhole. The rest will fall into place.

  • It’s been a blast bringing you 350 episodes of the Jamhole. Thank you for being with us for so long, and we look forward to bringing you 350 more. If you want to check out our first live audience show for episode 250, go to thejamhole.com/250. You can purchase the full movie at the Jamhole store.
  • Redfox calls in and tells us how awesome we are! Thanks Redfox!
  • Let’s talk about a little podcast drama, between us and an unnamed podcast that I’m sure you all are familiar with. You owe Danni an apology, and you know who you are.
  • If you can’t take a fucking joke, then what’s the point? Don’t be mad at us because you are over 35 years old and you can’t tell your parents what you do for a living. That is NOT our fault. It was all in good fun, until you made it not fun. I was out of line with the emails to the reporter, but like I said, it was all in good fun. Calm the fuck down and apologize to Danni so we can all move on with our lives.
  • Love us or hate us, you have to give us props for doing what we have done with the show. 350 episodes later and still going strong.
  • Bangkok is burning! Now where will all the rich white men go to have sex with little Asian boys? Perhaps they could go to church BAZINGA!!! Thank you Sandy!
  • Five recession proof jobs. In these oh so tough economic times, you might need a second job to make ends meet.
  • I don’t see a problem with letting inmates handle sensitive bank information. I mean if the labor is cheap, then fuck it. Have I mentioned we are living in tough economic times?
  • A Jamhole update on the ancient sex toy. Apparently it has multiple uses. Come on baby light my fire!
  • Does semen smell like bleach? I think it does, Danni does not. What do you think? Send us a comment form, leave a comment on the show notes, or email info@thejamhole.com. You can also leave a voicemail at 406.204.4687. We have many ways to interact with us.
  • Another religious ceremony claims the life of a child. Nice!
  • What the fuck is going on China? Why are all of your people trying to kill all of the other people with the wally beaver cleaver? I get you are mad about having a small penis, but this is ridiculous.
  • Have you ever tripped so hard on LSD that you thought your testicles were monsters? Well, this kid has, and he cut his balls off because of it. Also, I think acid flash backs are bullshit. Or they just don’t affect me… AT ALL. I’m going to say they are bullshit.
  • Hey uncle, why did someone leave a suitcase on the rocks? Because honey, there is a dead body in it.
  • Why did you have a toilet brush stuck up your ass in the first place? I blame you for it being there, then I blame the doctors for not seeing it. Unless your ass is just that big, then I just blame you.
  • The ning forums are going away soon. So, if you want a forums, let me know, otherwise we’ll just use all the other social networking sites, and the comments on the show notes. I’d much rather just not have a forums, but like I said, it’s up to you. I feel it’s unnecessary with all the web 2.0 and coming 3.0 stuff.
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