Ep 356: Get Depressed


“This is the longest I’ve been with somebody and not felt like cheating on them.”

I’m very tired today, and I’ve been writing quite a bit for show notes the last few episodes, so I’m going to chill and let our slower readers catch up. Plus, I’m tired as fuck and I gotta do some hip hop tonight up at Grizzly Jacks. By the way, for my own curiosity, how many of you read the show notes cover to cover? I’m just curious. I see that we get really good traffic to the site, but out of all the people going to the site, how many of you are actually reading the show notes? Do me a favor, and if you read the notes at least once a week, send me a quick email to info@thejamhole.com that just says something like: Yes, I read the notes. That’s all. Just something to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you for being so awesome.

  • Danni was looking extra sexy tonight. I wonder why I want to fuck all the time. I blame her.
  • If you are going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair. Not a bumper sticker a straight male should have on their vehicle.
  • Huge props and mad respect to both Keith and Chemda. It takes a certain special something to break up with the love of your life for around seven years, and still be able to do a talk show five days a week like nothing happened. That’s fucking tough, and I have a new found respect for both of them because of this. All the best to you both, even if your still hating. Oh and hey, Danni is still waiting for her apology.
  • Does your girlfriend not like to fuck as much as you do? Well fear no more, we have an answer. It’s called Flibanserin, and it is basically all of my prayers answered. If you are a doctor, hook it up! We’ll run a trial of our own.
  • What makes you cheat on your significant other? For one, they were gamers. Gamers make the worse significant others ever! I’ll go and watch you fish if you sit and watch me code. Fun isn’t it?
  • We’re only with each other because there isn’t fuck else out there. We are the last two fish in the sea, and yes, I will get sick of you eventually. How long it takes for that to happen is up to you and your sex drive.
  • Marriage is an old dying tradition, kind of like listening to the radio or reading an actual newspaper. Hey, do you remember back in the day when we used to read our news off of dead trees? What cavemen we used to be!
  • In case you didn’t already know, cocaine is bad for you. Especially the lame ass shit they try to pass off as cocaine now a days. Cocaine today will make your skin rot away. Thank you greedy piece of shit drug dealers.
  • We are all fucked, and the world is coming to an end. Bring on the grasshopper plague!
  • Sad kittens only get worse when they fuck with my video games. This is why you do NOT date gamers!
  • Big trouble in the Porn Valley area of California. Where did you get that awesome sword like movie prop? Is that shit double ended? Nice… Good thing they weren’t established porn stars. Be wary of a man named Tom Dong.
  • She talked too much, so I smacked the shit out of her, that’s why I got fired from Hu-Hot. Look around, if you don’t keep the pimp hand strong, shit like this happens.
  • Thank you all for hanging out with us, if you enjoy the show, donate some cash or tell a friend at the very least. We’ll see you Friday!

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