Ep 359: Everyone Will Die


“Chris Hanson, you really dropped the fucking ball on this one.”

Have you seen this news story yet? It appears the wife of tv “personality” Larry King has tried to kill herself. I use the quotes around personality because if you have ever seen this guy do his job, it’s almost as painful as watching Andy Rooney try to remember something. Both of these ancient tv talking heads have jumped the shark on multiple occasions, starting over thirty years ago. So according to the article, when the paramedics went into her room to treat her, they found empty pill bottles for Ambien, Klonopin, and Clonazepam. What I find odd is that Klonopin is the name brand of Clonazepam, so why did she have both versions of the medicine? Also, if you mix Ambien with any benzodiazapine, it should pretty much shut down your whole system, unless you have a wicked strong tolerance built up. I’m very amazed that she actually made it. So in the article they talk about how Shawn King has been suffering from depression for quite some time now, and I find it very interesting that a long term side effect of benzodiazepine use is depression. Hmm, interesting right? Perhaps the pills she tried to kill herself with, were the cause of her depression the whole time. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Then again, one of the major side effects of being married to a 76 year old Larry King is also severe depression. I mean seriously, if you had to wake up next to that ray of fucking sunshine every morning, you’d probably want to kill yourself too. I mean sure he has lots of money, but in this case, money can’t buy happiness.

  • Hey weird creepy neighbor, you gots beef my whole crew gots beef. What would you like to do about it? Oh, you want to tattle on us? Nice adult, no wonder you have diabetes. If your dog barks at us, we WILL bark right back.
  • Shaun got a job doing some cougar maintenance… If you know what I mean. Nice work Shaun! In other news, he might die in the next couple days. We will donate his body to medical science.
  • Threesome Watch 2010 update! No one has slept yet.
  • The OCD Project, may be my new favorite reality tv show. My name is Mat, and if I don’t jerk off at least twice a day, I will die. I’m saving the world by being a weird neurotic fuck. I guess some of us grow out of it.
  • The newest oil spill update, they have now found massive amounts of Methane gas underwater. Well that fucking stinks, thanks BP! You have just created Hexxus from Ferngully.
  • The newest war tactic to come out of Afghanistan. If you can bomb us, we can give you AIDS. This is what happens when you start a war with people who have absolutely nothing to lose, and you turn it into a religious war. Nice work all around everyone!
  • Shaun attacks a lady with a dildo over ownership of a stupid fucking dog. What a weird coincidence. Have you met Apso, my Lhasa Apsa? Well, he’s dead now, but I think you would have liked him. Can I show you my creepy gimp mask?
  • Lesbians raise the most well behaved kids. Why you might ask? Because lesbians will straight up spank the shit out of a kid. That’s why.
  • Performing an at home abortion with a lead pencil, because you are 13 and your “boyfriend” is 30. What a wonderful world we live in. Where was Chris Hanson when you need him?
  • Don’t tase me bro! Until I finish having butt sex at least. This guy was such a bad ass, he yanked out the barbs, so they hit him with it again. If you resist arrest, expect to be tased bro.
  • If anyone has any reason why these two humans should not get married, speak now, or show us your genitalia! This fool was ON A BOAT!!!
  • This is why I will never be a cop, among other reasons, you have to deal with people throwing shit at you. Fuck that shit.
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  • Enjoy the clip at the end of the show about Threesome Watch 2010 by AmHam and the Bitch Kitty. To answer your question, I am not gay, I just like to fuck a lot. Thank you, and we’ll see you Friday!

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