Ep 369: Missing Me


“Depending on which bell I ring, that’s which hoe comes.”

Things in the world are still fucked up, perhaps even more so than they have ever been since we’ve all been alive. Amidst the chaos and discord we have allowed those in charge to kindly plummet us into, there are a few things you can hold on to and count on to keep you sane. The most important of these, is of course, smoking weed. If we couldn’t smoke weed, I firmly believe the suicide rate would be much higher than it is. Every time we smoke the chronic, it allows us a little escape from the monotonous day to day droning we are all a part of. Smoking weed makes me not give a shit that there isn’t anything I can do to stop the oil from destroying our environment. Smoking weed helps me not give a shit that the government is completely fucking us every chance they get. It allows me to spend time inside my own mind when I need to do a little in house spring cleaning. One of the other things you can always count on to be there when you’re feeling low, is the Jamhole. That’s right, it’s been a little rocky over these last couple of weeks, and we appreciate you all sticking with us while we get our kingdom in order. If you listened to this episode already, you’ll know that we are, for the most part, back in business.  So remember, the next time life gets more overwhelming than you think you can handle, just remember, all you have to do to cope is light up a fat bowl of some good weed, turn on the Jamhole, and let us make you feel better.

  • I got some more beats! If you want me to finish this album sooner rather than later, I could use some help paying for the rest of the beats. Hit up the donate page if you enjoy the show, and help me get these beats paid off.
  • Married chicks are just as unhappy, if not more so in their life than I am. I will please ALL of the married chicks, if you please me of course.
  • Now that I’m single, I’m not thinking about sex 24 / 7. Well, I still am, but it’s not in my face so to speak.
  • Danni has a new girlfriend. That’s all I’m going to say about that.
  • See, when you miss me, and know that perhaps other girls are pleasing me, it makes you want to fuck me and please me that much more. Life is good. Come over, fuck me, do the show, then get the fuck out of my house.
  • Shaun needs to stick with rapping, and leave the cooking to the women. Shake and bake shouldn’t chip your teeth like that.
  • Check out the aftermath of the Basement Boyz 100th episode. Click here to listen to episode 101 and hear how the show went from their point of view. If you want to check out our first live show and compare it to theirs, take a look at the trailer and buy our 250th episode at our 250 page. You can help support the show and get some funny at the same time! It will be the best $5 you’ve ever spent!
  • The perfect example of an eye for an eye. Now what did you learn?
  • What does this cucumber remind you of? If this reminds you of your husbands penis, you might want to take him to the doctor. A healthy penis should never look like that.
  • If your kids were better behaved, I wouldn’t have had to rub your dog’s asshole in their faces. Duh!
  • When you live the pill junkie life, anything can become a weapon, even the nasty disgusting litter box.
  • Sad kittens story of the week. What a fucking piece of shit. What did those kitties ever do to you?
  • Our fans fuck good. Thank you.
  • Only in Florida would a woman get killed in a car crash involving a porta-potty.
  • Mommy, why did you let a known convicted pedophile give us a bath? You know he was having sex with us right? That’s fucking NO!
  • How did all these mother fucking maggots get on this mother fucking plane? That’s fucking disgusting!
  • This is why finding chicks or dudes online to date might not always be such a good idea. You might get killed and robbed. Just saying…
  • So apparently I fuck well enough to get my ass pimped out. So if any lovely ladies out there want to donate money to the Jamhole in exchange for a good night of fucking, email info@thejamhole.com. It’s not illegal if you aren’t paying me for sex right? You are just donating to the show, and in return I will satisfy you.
  • Forgive me father, for I have sinned. Let’s do some mother fucking confessions!
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