Ep 377: Snowball


“It hurts, but it’s so pretty.”

No answer is also an answer. Word to that.

  • The Jamhole Facebook group is slacking. You guys got smoked by the Hot Box podcast Facebook group. This may have been the geekiest sentence I’ve ever typed.
  • We are having the second annual Jamhole live show September 25th at Anna’s again. Check out the 250 page for our first live audience show. It’s gonna be a blast, so book your travel tickets now! I’ll make an event on the Forums and the Facebook group.
  • If you are going to start a podcast, make sure you have a girl co host. They will never leave because they need the attention.
  • Thank you for bringing up us fucking. We all appreciate it.
  • Let’s talk about the people in the I.T. Crowd.
  • How much money have we spent on the War on Terror since 9/11? Too much…
  • Galactor calls in to talk about RFID detonators. Good stuff.
  • Why is that manly looking woman fucking that dog? Maybe the dog was asking for it.
  • Why is that child screaming at that def lady? Oh right, because she can’t hear. That makes sense.
  • Danni is a pussy when it comes to flying. Shh…
  • This lady may be the craziest lady ever… So far. Her daughters are the virgin mary and an angel, and her son was the chosen one. Chosen to have a crazy bitch mom. HAHA. 🙁
  • Can you tell I’m in a hurry writing these? Fuck I can’t wait till I have more time.
  • Hey, you should watch where you walk. You just text yourself right off a cliff.
  • Donate money and shit. Thanks!

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