Ep 381: I Win


“Get your fucking hands off of my girl.”

Ok, one down one more to go, still the same day so I don’t have anything to write about, and if I did, I wouldn’t have time to write it anyways. You know I write good notes when I have the time. You can also tell when I don’t have the time, because I write stupid shit like this.

  • I hate puking when I’m driving. I also hate puking out of my nose. Especially when I’m in the middle of talking to Shaun.
  • Danni gets a very disturbing call about her uncle. Thank you nurse, for ruining a lovely lunch.
  • Seeing your parents cry is the worst. I can’t deal with that shit.
  • This was the start to a pretty awesome weekend. Nice scooter dude!
  • This is love in the new millennium.
  • I didn’t think I got jealous anymore, I’m impressed. You sure showed me.
  • Let me tell you about how Danni slapped me in the face. So hard.
  • I am once again single… for now. What a troubled web we weave.
  • The thought of  you being with someone else makes me fucking sick.
  • The neighbors dog VS. kitty. Round 1.
  • So Shaun, what were you doing instead of going out on a date? Whatever it was, I’m sure it was more important.
  • Ten of the world’s worse boyfriends. Note how I am NOT on the list. That must mean I’m doing ok.
  • Do the Hammer Dance!
  • Remember the live shows we’re throwing and / or playing at. August 14th at Distink’d Tat shop, September 18th at Smoker’s Friendly, and September 25th at Anna’s Italiathen Grille. RSVP on the respective facebook groups.