Ep 401: Fingers, Plural


“I’m very sorry that because of you being a bad business woman you did not make this money.”

Hahaha, apparently there has been a warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest. For her role in Machete you might be thinking? That was awful, it was like watching her trying to play a drugged up strung out crack whore version of herself. Anyways, the warrant was issued because she failed a drug test. She’s such a method actress. I think the most awesome part about this whole train wreck, is that she tweeted that she had failed a court ordered drug / alcohol test. If that is the price of fame, I think I’m good. I’ll just hang out down here with the rest of the real people. Just enough to get by is tolerable I suppose, but enough to live comfortably and eat on a regular basis would be even better.

I would also like to welcome everyone that is flying down for the second annual Jamhole live show. There is a lot of cool shit to see if you have never been here. So enjoy the fresh air and if you smoke, make sure you find yourself a sample of some homegrown Montana chronic. I promise you don’t have to look far. Ep 404 is this Saturday, September 25th. We’re all very excited to do this again, so if you’re down with the show, come hang out with us. We’ll be eating dinner around 9pm and starting the show around 11pm. We are also going on a trip to Hot Springs, so if you wanna join us, RSVP on the Facebook group.

  • The “camping” trip is set. There was a little set back on going to the marina, but Hot Springs should be just as fun. We’re going to Syme’s, so take a look at their site. It’s very rustic, but it will be a good time. Shaun tells us the timeless tale of why we’re not going to the marina.
  • Save all of your receipts if you come on this trip, because we would like to send it to Shaun’s “friend.”
  • This Saturday is the second annual Jamhole live show. Come join us at 11pm at Anna’s. If you want to come have dinner with us, get there around 9.
  • Someone should go back to scheduling school and figure out how to make a schedule and still have people to work. It’s ok dude, if I had that much testosterone in my blood I wouldn’t be able to concentrate either.
  • Friday when we get back from Hot Springs we’ll be going to a rap show at Club Kali. If you are local, come show your support to your two favorite local white rappers.
  • What I was saying is that the play is a college thing, are podcast is just a “silly” hobby. Just forget it.
  • Wait, did you say you were sick again? I can’t wait for some retroactive gene therapy so we can take care of all those little problems Danni has.
  • You fucked me, I fucked you. That’s how a restaurant is run.
  • Don’t complain too much Danni, I had to work the night of the live show last year. I’m just lucky September 25th is on a Saturday this year. Although I think next year we’ll have to move the date up a little so it’s not snowing when everyone comes hang out.
  • Wait, is it news story time? Queue the intro music. Dateline, 1840.
  • Well if we don’t do the “rape test” how do we know if you were really raped?
  • You get what you pay for. Except when you really need money and you hook us up with $50 beats. If you want some sick ass beats for a good price, check out Ev-g and Mozart Jones. You can check out our hip hop for free on the Jamhole music page.
  • I’m getting beat right now, please stop text messaging me. Are you the kind of girl who likes secret contact with a high risk government douche bag? Text 1 for yes and 2 for you are going to sue me for sexual harassment.
  • Let’s do a math problem. How long will it take to kill 18 children at a rate of 3 murders per day? I would have learned way more math if we had word problems like that when I was in school.
  • Show of hands, who likes cough syrup? Let’s trade all of our old robo-trip war stories. Apparently if you puke while robo-tripping, you almost OD’d.
  • Hey honey, hand me my gun. I think I’m going to kill myself today. Some people have a very low tolerance for cries for help. I am probably one of those people.
  • Excuse me, miss. Miss! What do you think of my size? He should have just sent out a survey.
  • Sometimes sex stinks and you need to clean your pecker. If you would unclog the bathroom sink, I would start using it again.
  • Like I said, come join us Saturday, September 25th at Anna’s. We’re celebrating 404 episodes of the Jamhole, some come down and hang out with us.
  • And seriously, I’m totally fucking broke, so any donations will absolutely help. Fast download speeds and lots of space for our episodes means lots of money for dedicated server costs. I could probably save a shit load of money by just having the last 10 episodes or so up online, but would be really fucking stupid, so toss some cash my way. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

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