Ep 413: Boom Meatloaf


“This is what I ordered, this is what I got.”

We’ve been doing this show for quite a while now and I’ve mostly just done whatever came naturally to me. Of course, having a day job where I’m driving around all the time, I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite a while, so I’m sure there are bits and pieces of all the shows I listen to in here as well. But of course, we put our own sick little twist on it. So I think it’s about time to turn this over to the audience. What do you like about the show? What do you dislike? What do you want to hear more of, or less of? Basically, this is your chance to speak up about the show you have all come to know and love as The Jamhole. Help us mold the show into something even more amazing. Listener feedback is key when it comes to a show like this. Without the listening audience interaction, it’s just Danni and I sitting here talking to each other live on the internet. We have a blast doing this show, and I don’t see it ending any time soon, so speak up if you want to see the show go in a new direction, or forever hold your peace. If you enjoy the show, help spread the word by writing reviews in Itunes, voting on Podcast Alley, and of course, telling all your friends about the show, either online, or in person. This show is kept alive by the grace of my paycheck, and listener donations. The less money I have to spend on the server and things, the more I can spend on other cool stuff for the show. It costs roughly $250 a month between the server bill, the domain names, and the internet bill to keep the show going, so help a brotha out. Also, if you are sick of the ads on the live show, donate 10 bucks a month, and we’ll send that to Justin.tv to get rid of them.

  • As you get older our perception of time gets shorter. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen most of this crap already. Show me something new.
  • Ok, so I’m hooked on Angry Birds. Nothing kills time better than playing this game. Well done Rovio! These birds are so fucking angry. I love it!
  • So we have started watching The Event. Wow. Good stuff. Much better than lost I think. We’ll see how long this one lasts.
  • It’s good to see Steven Seagal is still making piece of shit movies, even in his old age. If you want to see his newest flick (though I’m not sure why), but check out Born to Raise Hell.
  • How does this beautiful lady give a hand job? She has no hands! Let’s all celebrate handicapped awareness day… By jerking off to this picture.
  • Excuse me sir, where the fuck did your face go? Jesus that’s fucking creepy. His name is Dallas, but he lives in Fort Worth. Good thing it’s almost Halloween.
  • If you have some sick shit on your computer, you might wanna make sure you take it OFF the computer before you bring it to the Geek Squad. They will find it. You know those Geek Squad guys go through everyone’s computer just to see what ‘s on there, while they are fixing shit.
  • This is why you should have your head and all of your limbs inside the vehicle before it comes to a complete stop. Hey, look out for that phone pole!
  • On Danni’s recommendation, we should all check out 1,000 ways to die. Sounds like a pretty cool fucking show.
  • If you are going to cheat on your wife, maybe make sure she didn’t put a GPS on your car. It’s worth the time it takes to sweep the car. Trust!
  • TAXI!!! Take me to my house please. Oh wait, that’s a cop car. Fuck it. How the fuck do you mistake a cop car for a cab?
  • If you have to blow into your car to start it, there is probably a good reason for that. Circumventing that by having your child blow into it for you is not cool.
  • Let’s talk about some sad kittens. 5 of them totally hanging the fuck out. You crazy bitch, why would you ever do that.
  • Hey check it out! I found some kittens to eat. Oh yea, I’m totally fucking drunk. At least his roommate had enough sense to call the cops.
  • One more sad animal story. This gentleman tried to slice a pit bulls throat, because it bit his daughter. This guy gets a pass. It’s not his fault he didn’t have a gun. He didn’t want to use the chainsaw.
  • Getting a kangaroo wasted on E and alcohol. Don’t hate, it was his birthday disco! I would love to see a kangaroo rolling on ecstasy at a birthday disco. Fuck that would be awesome.
  • This is a sexual predator in every sense of the phrase. Trained by the military, corrupted by the Internet… probably. I’m just speculating. That is quite the panty collection you have there.
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