Ep 415: Ta Da


“How did you first get hooked on Oxycontin?”

The snow is on the mountains which means winter time is pretty much here. This also means that everything in our little valley slows down as all of the tourists go back home and the snow birds go south for the winter. I love it when it gets colder out here, because that means all of this heat producing equipment in the studio here really helps to warm the house. In the summer time it’s almost unbearable, but in the winter time, its just right. Anyways, I’ve been listening to some good science podcasts lately, and I learned something very unsettling the other day. Did you know, that in the year 2010, we still have people who subscribe to the Geocentric model of the universe? A study done in 2005 by Dr. Jon D. Miller of Northwestern University found that 1 adult American in 5 thinks the sun revolves around the Earth. My mind was completely blown when I heard that. Science has come so far in educating us about the world we live in, and the universe around us. How the fuck can people still hold onto these ancient outdated theories? Usually this belief is held among the more hardcore true believers. You know, the same idiots who think the earth is only 6,000 years old. So basically, the geocentrists believe that Earth is the center of the universe, and that the sun and the planets revolve around it. Are you fucking serious? I really don’t understand how you can deny scientific fact. Especially scientific fact that has been proven again and again since the early 1600’s. Yea, that’s a long time ago. Some people will never learn, and this just goes to show that even if you are armed with pure unadulterated scientific fact, you just can’t show some people the light.

  • The birthday party show was probably more fun in person than listening to the podcast of it. Sorry about that. I always forget when you get that many people together, you can’t tell everyone to shut the fuck up. Well, you can, but it won’t do any good. It was a blast either way.
  • Hey Marc, hurry up and finish some beats for me. NOW!
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  • I’ve found a new game for the Android. This one is called Alchemy. There’s just something about making random shit out of other random shit that is super fun. Man+man = sex… Ok, maybe you can’t make woman in the game.
  • Check out the movie Catfish. It’s very interesting, and hey, it could happen to you! And the town is called Ishpeming.
  • All these drug problems, and we finally have a couple more treatments for opiate addicts. It’s about fucking time! Although this shit is going to be really expensive. Let’s talk drugs for a bit. Would you suck a dick for some drugs? What about for some money? What would you suck a dick for? Email info@thejamhole.com Danni wants to know.
  • Those crazy Australians are at it again. This time flushing a kitten down the toilet. Hmm, someone better fetch the plunger. I doubt the kitten even knew what was going on. It’s eyes weren’t even open.
  • Let me explain a little something about the Jamhole. In case you didn’t know. This is the method to the madness. Ta da! Look what we did.
  • If you have a son, you might as well force him to have sex with his sisters. I mean why else would you? Duh!
  • Let me air out a little beef I have with Kitty. Please stop fucking doing that.
  • Hey, do you know a quick easy way to preserve a dead body? Sure, why do you ask? Just for… you know… my own curiosity? No you got me, I have this hot sexy corpse I wanna fuck, and it’s starting to rot.
  • Holy shit, is that the devil? No, it’s just a black man tending to his crying baby. Oh well, I’m going to jump out this window anyways, because I’m a scared lemming. Anyone coming with? Of course, you are all coming with.
  • Finally a little Catholic priest justice. Not very fun when you’re the one getting fucked is it? He might have done something to provoke him getting his ass beat. Just saying…
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