Ep 423: Sweet Skills


“We spent enough time with each other, let’s go back to doing the Jamhole.”

We were going to take the night off. I always feel bad when I do that, even though we never take off holidays or anything silly like that. I don’t know, there’s just something about doing something with this kind of frequency for such a duration, that it feels weird when we’re supposed to and we don’t. After listening to this episode, some of you might think we did take the night off, and I completely agree with you. I’ll give away a free Jamhole Church sticker to anyone who can email me and tell me what substance we were under the influence of during the recording of this show. We’ll make it a fun little game. But it’s only a game you can play if you read this. I’m not going to post or mention it at all. Word to that, one down, one to go. This was a fun little change, at least that’s how I’m rationalizing it. Change is good every now and then. But only if actual change occurs. I’m completely not down with people talking a huge game about how shit is going to change, but then never getting around to actually changing anything. Who does that sound like?

  • Can you guess what’s different about this episode? Other than the fact we didn’t just do it live!
  • I am getting gosh darn good at pressing play. I even got tipped a dollar! Sure I’ll play Tom Petty during Thursday night pants off dance off.
  • I’ve got the magic. We sure do miss Shaun.
  • I have a pretty wicked mustache. No big deal. Our fathers’ look fucking weird when they shave their faces. Dad, please don’t ever shave your face again. Someone should send me a Mario cap just to finish the look.
  • Here is the Mario Kart movie I was talking about.
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  • Danni has second thoughts on her awful Kaboom. See, it’s nice as easy as I make it look.
  • You need to go download Lyrickal and Mat Lee’s Rap Music Project. It’s a free hip hop album that we made for you to enjoy.
  • Do you remember when this Japanese guy killed himself on Ustream? Me either, but we talked about it. Why do I always miss cool shit like this? This is the greatness of the Internet.
  • Enjoy the mix down mash up at 26:55. I made that for you!
  • Happy 54th birthday to Danni’s dad. You beat my dad by 4 years. Nice!
  • It’s kind of awesome not doing shows live, we can be naked and pick our noses to our hearts content.
  • Help us help Danni’s parents have a good thanksgiving. We’re supplying the goods, so help us pay for it! Give thanks for all this shit we do for you. I mean fuck, it’s not like there’s hundreds of other podcasts that you could be listening to… Oh wait, never mind.
  • I just told Danni’s long drawn out story in 7 seconds. That’s how you do it.
  • The pedophiles guide to getting pussy, or something like that, gets pulled from Amazon. Kids are outraged!
  • Let’s all try to follow along as Danni displays her well educated reading skills. I have to sell this baby so I can buy that sweet car. God bless America!
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