Ep 424: Walking Dead


“Clean that shit, I want steak dinner NOW!”

This was a fun episode, we had some great laughs. You aren’t reading this anyways, so just go listen to the podcast.

  • Let me school you on how economy works. You all get paid, and then you each send us a little bit of that pay. In turn, we get paid. Such a genius system.
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  • Danni’s tits are so large and in charge, few bras can contain them. Super sweet! Hey bra sweatshop workers, step your game up.
  • I figured it out officially, it was the Friday show, ep 423 Sweet Skills that we talked about the guy who killed himself on Ustream. Sorry, just had to set the record straight. Zenu writes in talking about bank hell.
  • How much more awesome free shit do you want in order to go buy the Jamhole 404 show? We have the free trailer, the 404 bonus footage, and now, we are proud to present to you the Jamhole 404 Spork Roast after show hosted by Redfox. It’s episode 21 End of the Recession. It features Danni, Shaun and myself, Redfox, Brayden, Marc (my brother), MDS and Nicole. I’m sure more people are on there, but that’s all I can remember. So go listen, it’s brilliant in that trainwrecky sort of way.
  • Welcome back Stereo Radiation. You do two shows a year, but they are well worth listening to. Good stuff.
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  • I found my calling in life. Not only am I slowly turning into a pressing play master, but I also have skills being a bar birthday party master of ceremonies. I also have mad experience announcing fish races. That’s right, I said fish races. Happy Birthday Billy!
  • Chuck Norris secretly wishes he was this guy. Thanks to Dr. Brendanos for sending that in. What a fucking bad ass.
  • The more I watch AMC’s The Walking Dead, the more I really, really want a zombie outbreak / apocalypse to happen. PLEASE!  I believe Danni and I were born to survive in a post zombie apocalyptic world. Fuck I want that to happen so bad, you have no idea. That life would be so much more fulfilling than this life. Great show by the way, tits for sure.
  • Follow us on Gomiso.com and watch what we’re watching. You know we only watch the good shit.
  • I was also born to go to Mars. One way, no questions asked. I’m ready to go, NOW! I really hope these scientists read this, and come get me soon so I can start my training.
  • A little shout out to the Nice Man podcast. Me, the best. Danni, the WORST!
  • The 12 year old executioner, El Ponchis. What a fucking bad ass. How do you get born into a cartel? I should try and shoot for that next time around.
  • More dead babies found in the freezer. You know, under the pizza. Honestly, I think we talked about this before, but I know better than to try and remember what episode we talked about it on.
  • Well, if the bitch won’t stop staring at you, gouge her fucking eyes out! Hey, is that my computer being hurled out the window?
  • Well, if the bitch won’t smile for a photo, slice that bitches mouth open! Then cut her tongue up so she doesn’t speak. I mean seriously, his name is Muhammad, what more do you want?
  • Cleaning up after your mess. If you know what I mean. I mean fuck, if God is telling you to kill your autistic son, you better listen.
  • Here is the Slashdot story about Wiki and Verizon.
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