Ep 426: Beggar Friday


“You gave them cholera, and that’s not nice.”

No time to type, gotta eat then get ready for the show this evening. Thank you to everyone that nominated us for a 2010 Podcast Award, and thanks to everyone that has purchased the Jamhole 404 show. You keep this thing alive.

  • This is our favorite podcast. What’s yours?
  • Come to the forums and discuss cool stuff, like this! Could you handle watching the same movie over and over and over again? It’s kind of like listening to the radio. Hey radio, your witty banter SUCKS!
  • Danni, myself, and most of our listeners / friends all function on a higher level, that’s why we are so hyper sensitive to stuff like this.
  • Cranky, sex starved, hungry. That’s a recipe for a great episode of the Jamhole. Mid Humpty Hump, busted a nutty nut all over your face. You’re welcome.
  • Thank you to everyone who nominated us for the 2010 Podcast Awards. Now we wait.
  • Tweets from a slightly stoned, super tired Mat pressing play at the Scoreboard. Who’s ready for a pants off dance off?
  • My poor brother. This is a pretty awesome story.
  • My car is FUCKED, so if you guys can help me pay some of this $600 bill, that would be super helpful. Thanks!
  • There is a ton of cool stuff that goes with the Jamhole 404 show. The live show itself, the pictures from that week, the bonus footage, and the Spork Roast after show. Now tell me the 404 show isn’t worth 5 bucks.
  • It’s Beggar Friday. That’s how everyone gets money for African American Friday. It’s all the same shit. Fuck we have a lot of beggars here. Go get a fucking job please.
  • Hey Haiti, good luck with the cholera. Why would you put your poop in their river? That’s just not nice.
  • Hey FDA, are you sure it’s the caffeine that’s hurting people, and not the alcohol? Because I’m pretty sure you have that twisted.
  • Don’t post naked pics of your kids on Facebook. It’s just like feeding the animals in the park, you shouldn’t do that.
  • Faith is stupid.
  • Here is the Facebook divorce story again. I could have sworn we talked about that on the Wednesday ep, which I also put in the show notes. I’m tired, don’t blame me.
  • Why didn’t your god tell you not to give that gypsy all your money? I blame god.
  • Your best friend pushed you into the pool and you broke your neck… How’s that marriage going now? What a bitch.
  • Where did all these fetus’s come from? Notice how quiet the monastery is? Because we have a dump out back of 2002 illegally aborted fetus’s.
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