Ep 429: Camping Out


“No need to be racist in these holiday times.”

Something something something. I forget the words.

  • Happy Thanksgiving. We did this show early for everyone. Good times. You should all be doing the Danni diet. Just take a huge dump and call it good.
  • Not only is the Daft Punk Tron OST great to take a dump to, but it is also wonderful to fuck to. Now go do that. Both. In an update, apparently we were fucking to the actual Tron music soundtrack. I thought it kinda sounded odd for an OST. That’s my bad.
  • Now listen to how proud Danni was of being a good girlfriend. This is how ¬†you should be all the time.
  • Perhaps my 80 plus year old grandfather should retire the cook apron. Not saying he still isn’t a great cook, just saying maybe he’s starting to forget shit. Watching people die is sad.
  • Sleep mode rules.
  • What did you buy for African American Friday? Email info@thejamhole.com and let us know. I’m curious.
  • All of the sudden, now you can afford an Ipad? Marketing scams are stupid.
  • Wow, these people spent the night for African American Friday, and this is what you bought? You are an idiot.
  • This is some pretty weird shit to steal from Walmart. Weird timing too.
  • Whoa, check out those rocking knockers! Maam, I’m gonna need to PAT you down. TSA, best job ever. Hey tits, get over here!
  • Since the whole body scanner thing has gone over so well with the public, let’s put them EVERYWHERE! Maybe the TSA should start getting people drunk first. Might make this go a little smoother, and way more HOT.
  • If you meet a 15 year old girl online, chances are it’s probably not going to be a 15 year old girl. Everyone should have learned this by now. So is this entrapment?
  • You aren’t going to repo my tits are you? I know you bought them and all, and now we’re not together and I owe you a bunch of money. But you know, they are my tits. Well, they are your tits, but you know… In other news, Danni wants to start a non profit for women with small tits. How understanding of her.
  • Woops, you just spent my paycheck on Facebook. Parents, maybe log out of your shit before your kid gets on there. Umm, DUH? Plus she’s seven, she should have had a Facebook page for the last six years. If you play this Facebook game, you should probably just stop reproducing and go kill yourself. Your virtual shit is literally the worst.
  • Best prank ever. Worst friend. How the fuck did you not know that was a .22? Didn’t that bb gun feel a tad on the heavy side?
  • Best mother ever. If you want the child to drink it, you have to put the methadone in the sippy cup.
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