Ep 434: Wrong Horse


“I’ve been doing my own personal studies on marijuana for the last 15 years.”

Two men came to a hole in the sky.

One asked the other to lift him up…

But so beautiful was it in Heaven that

the man who looked in over the edge

forgot everything, forgot his companion

whom he had promised to help up

and simply ran off into all the

splendor of Heaven.

  • You know what, I’m not even sorry about the late start. This shit is free, so you’ll get them when I post them. Always remember that.
  • The employee xmas party was freaking awesome. I love my job at least twice a year. Sorry I was late, I blame my mother. She gave me a meaningless perception of time.
  • Best present ever… The Grabber! Im going to buy two of them and make a robot to go and fetch me things.
  • I can’t believe I thought I lost my blue hemp necklace. I should have checked at home first.
  • 34 years of greatness ruined by Obama and his congress in two years. DEY TOOK OUR JOBS. Also, What if Glenn Beck is right? People here are dumb.
  • Apparently we weren’t the only ones thinking it was a good idea to have a contingency plan. It’s salvia, I swear. I’m amazed that pot is illegal, even just for medical use at the federal level. This is hypocrisy in the government in it’s most blatant form.
  • Think your job sucks? Here are the top ten most depressing jobs ever!
  • That fucking jolly ol’ pervert, making all those sex stops while your delivering toys / lumps of coal to all the children of the planet. What a great story. Santa has been very naughty this year.
  • If you pay three teenage girls for sex, the most you will probably get is a misdemeanor. Good info to know.
  • Must be nice to be the local sheriff’s deputy. Helps when you wanna get out of that pesky DUI. That’s a scumbag thing, so you ARE above the law? I’m confused now.
  • Michael Moore is going to get some much needed R&R at a Fat Camp. Please make a documentary of this experience to share with the world.
  • Everyone loves a good forced sex story. I know why you listen to this shit. Forced sex with a horse of course. Have you ever seen what a horses vagina looks like?
  • It’s not nice if you took away someone’s service because the government pressured you into doing so. Not nice at all. WikiLeaks is not treason, and you are an idiot if you think it is. You have to be an american citizen to commit treason right? Well hmmm…
  • Toss us a 20 to help out Sam. Thank you!
  • I never understood how people shoot themselves. You know without being really fucking stupid. Some people’s children.
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