Ep 452: Data Hoarder


“Is it better for a girl to use their hand or to actually take something and shove it up in there?”

Another jam packed episode of the Jamhole, done and done. We do this show for you, are you listening? Every now and then I like to ask all of our listeners to send us a quick email just to say yea, we’re listening. I know I listen to a TON of podcasts that I never interact with, but if they were to ask that all of their listeners send an email just to say Yep, we’re listening, I would do that. So yea, it’s been quite a while since we did that, so let’s do it again. If you listen to this show, email info@thejamhole.com just saying yes or whatever. I would also like to ask that if it’s not too much trouble, go check out the Jamhole Forums. I made them myself, and I have to say, they are looking pretty awesome. Now let’s start using it. Thanks to everyone that’s been with us for over 450 episodes, and all the new listeners that you tell about the show. You guys are awesome. Did you know I rap? I’m currently working on my third album (First real album), and I’m very excited to release this for all of  you. As much as I’d love to give it away for free like I’ve done with most everything else I’ve made, I have put a LOT of my own money into making this album, so I have to try to at least get back what I put in. Anything after that I don’t really care about. This new album is going to seriously blow your mind. Danni is singing on a few of the songs, and the beats are top notch. Half made by Metty the Dert Merchant from Sweatshop Union fame, and the other half made by EV-G. I think my brother will have a couple beats on there as well. You’ll know Ev-G’s work from such hit songs from the Rap Music Project as Do It Like Us, Hit That Shit, Autobiography, and Move Me. So yea, if you want to invest in my hopes and dreams, hip hop on over to the Donate page, and kick me down some cash. This album means a lot to me, and I really think you guys are going to love it. Everyone who kicks in ten bucks while I’m still making the album will get a free copy once it’s released. Support your hometown local artist.

  • Welcome to our show. Catch us doing this live every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 7pm PT. 10pm ET on Jamhole TV.
  • I finally got it done! The Jamhole guest list, also found at thejamhole.com/people is finished. If you come across something I missed, email info@thejamhole.com and let me know. I am but one man, and we have so many episodes. If you were ever on this show, you are on that list. I like how the search function totally fucked me during the live show.
  • If you are a girl, how do you prefer to jerk off? Let’s discuss.
  • Sunday was another Get Poetry open mic poetry slam. Check out the videos at thejamhole.com/poetryvids. This was a pretty epic showing. We have 21 videos up so far from last Sunday and this Sunday. If you want to see Ron Bradley, the gentleman with the voice box speak his words, he’s right here. My latest performance is right here.
  • Let’s talk about the latest My Strange Addiction. A shoe hoarding lady and a young woman who pulls her hair out and eats the follicle. Winner winner chicken dinner!
  • I am not a data hoarder, I am a data archiver. There is a HUGE difference. My archiving has a purpose to further the greatness of society. Being addicted to shoes or eating your hair follicles is just plain retarded. I rest my case.
  • I hope Cablevision plays nice up here with us and everybody else. It takes a lot of bandwidth to stream our show in the nice near HD quality you are used to. Let’s pray for no bandwidth throttling.
  • All girls who have big feet, have huge tits. Weird right?
  • Congratulations to Codi and happy birthday to little Dusty. He came into this world last Sunday. I hope you have a great stay, and I look forward to you growing up and learning how to talk so you can come kick it on the show.
  • The Jamhole would like to give a huge high five to 21 year old Christopher K. Washington for punching a baby. You did what every person who doesn’t have kids that hates your screaming child secretly wishes they could do. You might have taken it a bit far when you punched the baby to DEATH, but hey, we’re not judging.
  • We fight many wars on a day to day basis in America. Let’s focus on the drug war for a minute. The Jamhole salutes El Chapo for giving the U.S. a huge brown middle finger. Because of your war on drugs, I have made BANK. The drug war is the United States’ single largest failure. Thank you! If you want to start a podcast for your drug cartel, email info@thejamhole.com and I’ll hook it up. I work cheap.
  • Let’s shift gears and talk about the new Oxycontin formula. Berger sent us a story about the top 3 weirdest ways to abuse the new Oxycontin tamper proof pills. If you want to know the right way to do this, listen to the episode. The code has been cracked. If you are going to do drugs, at least do them safely. Again I’ll mention, this show is a COMEDY show, so everything we say is for entertainment. If you get hurt because you are stupid, you cannot blame or sue us.
  • Here is the thread all about this on Bluelight that I was talking about. Great resources. Remember, be smart and use common sense.
  • We have some pretty crazy eavesdropping laws. It kind of says that the police are above the law.
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