Ep 461: Social Butterfly


“I think your both fucked up enough to where it works.”

I love milestone shows like this, it gives us a chance to stop and reflect on what we’ve been doing so far, and what we would like to do in the future. They are also a great excuse to get WASTED. Not that anyone needs an excuse to get wasted. You know, with us being adults and having complete domain over our bodies. Sure why not, it’s not my body, go ahead and poison the fuck out of it. Well, I’ve never been one to drive a car slow and nice so that the engine lasts longer. I have to go fast, always in control (most of the time) but always fast.

  • Happy three year anniversary to the Jamhole, and happy two year anniversary to Danni and myself personally. Yes there was a break up in there, but we’re just going to skip it.
  • Pretty soon, when you go to thejamhole.com/donate you will be able to see everyone who contributes financially to the Jamhole for the current year. We’re going to make this into a game. Wanna play a game?
  • Sure, it takes a few episodes to get into the swing of how you want your show to go. Ok, sometimes it takes longer than that. If you are starting a podcast, keep that in mind. Wait till you get to episode ten before you release anything. Then, when you are almost famous, you can sell those unreleased episodes on Ebay.
  • Danni’s parents would describe me as “off putting.” Sure, I can be a quiet weirdo, or I can be a loud obnoxious asshole. Much like in the way Shaun has many names, I have many personalities. They all just happen to go under one name.
  • Ok, so you wanna know some Jamhole web site traffic numbers? We’ve been in this game for three years, and here is what we have to show for it. Not sure if that’s good or not, but we enjoy it. This was never started to make a shit load of money, this was started to keep us sane and entertained, while at the same time entertaining others.
  • Aww shit son, Shaun aka Lyrickal calls in. Most of you haven’t heard from him since the Jamhole 404 show. Shaun talks about his travels and the love that was lost. He sounds much better and I can’t wait for us to work on some more rap music.
  • Shaun explains our relationship as two broken parts jerry rigged together. Sure, I can see that. If you want to go back and re visit the episodes Shaun was on, check out the Jamhole Guest List.
  • Thanks to our sales guy for leaving us a joke for our three year anniversary.
  • We probably have one of the most ADHD shows in the podcast industry. Wait, is this an industry yet? This free flowing organic form allows us to talk about stories on the fly. Thanks to MDS in the chat for sending in some news.
  • Is it normal to use a latex glove when you smoke a ciggy? You look really weird out in that parking lot all by yourself wearing one purple latex glove, smoking like a man. I just don’t understand that.
  • Let’s get into that story MDS sent in to the chat. Again, if I was stabbed in the head, I would like to think I would know if there was still a piece in there. It’s just a little rust, it’s cool.
  • We watched the movie Faster. It was actually pretty cool. I enjoy Dwayne Johnson, as long as he’s not the rock.
  • Hey, it’s your jones holmes. Let’s talk about this study that states they found NO cognitive impairment among ecstasy users. Use in moderation, just like anything else. If not, sure you can probably do some damage. But if you breath so much you can hyperventilate and pass out, thus killing brain cells. So you can hurt yourself from breathing if you do it too much.
  • Why is it you mostly find ferrets living with people who are in low cost housing, also known as the projects? It’s like why do all meth addicts have at least one sword somewhere in their house. It’s just something that happens. Anyways, this ferret ate your child’s fingers. Hey, who has two thumbs…. and a partial pinky? This baby! Hahaha.
  • Excuse me, why were your foster kids found doused in nasty chemicals in a truck on the side of the highway? Oh right, because this is Florida. Of course Danni knows the last name of the person in this story. All the Barahona’s put your hands up! You’re under arrest…
  • Hey, why do you have a condom hanging out of your asshole? Oh right, it’s time to play, how much contraband can you hide in your asshole!??!!! Come on down! 30 items, not too bad. It would be different if it was just pills, but this guy snuck in the mother load. Now that’s what you call junk in the trunk. I love the story comments.
  • Since we’re talking about needles, here is the picture I was talking about. This is why you should NEVER use a needle more than 3 times.
  • Still loving my rooted Droid x running Liberty 1.5. You know what I’m not loving? Twitter banning the Twidroyd app, then telling me I should use their official Twitter app. That’s some pretty shady shit Twitter. You know what? It took them until Sunday night to get Twidroyd back up and running. My OCD was fucked from Friday till Sunday night because of that.
  • Our new favorite listener bad mannerz calls in to say whats up. Louisiana in the HOUSE! He’s been listening for a month and is on top of the contributer list. This is how it’s done. I love how white trash Danni gets when she talks about her job driving a tow truck. Let’s do Mardi Gras.
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