Ep 481: Pounding the Pud


“One more stupid, political, retarded thing that people are doing.”

Yay, another episode of the Jamhole. Fuck me, how many of these things have we done? A bunch, that’s how many. So sit back, toss on some headphones and let’s do this thing!

  • Danni is sick and now I’m starting to feel it. This is why I liked living by myself. Unless someone brings something nasty home, I won’t get sick.
  • Of course, right when we need to get a show started, our HP Tablet line in takes a huge smelly crap all over our faces. WHERE IS MY AUDIO? Is it too much to ask, that when I pay a fair amount of money for something, that item actually works for longer than a couple of years? This could really get expensive.
  • I was SO MAD (How mad were you?) I was so mad that I actually opened up mspaint.exe so I could draw a face on the computer, so I felt better about yelling at it. What a troubled web we weave.
  • Let’s all give a huge round of applause for the ignorant mothers and fathers in Minnesota who refuse to vaccinate their children. I know right, I can’t believe this is still an issue. When will these people learn, vaccines don’t cause autism, your retarded genes probably cause autism.
  • How many female vehicle comparisons can you come up with? Post them in the forums. You know, for fun.
  • If you’re a cook, then fucking cook! I’m not very good at taking care of Danni when she’s sick. I have a hard enough time taking care of her when she isn’t. It’s a give take relationship.
  • Yes, the last couple of weeks has been hellish for me. I apologize to my poor girlfriend, and anyone else I might have kicked in the nuts. Then add on top of that equipment failure. Sure, why not?
  • Hey, who’s phone charger was that? I rule. Also thank you Lyrickal for the 2:30am concerned phone call. Classic.
  • We’re having a couple of parties this summer! If you want to come hang out with the Jamhole in Milwaukee Wisconsin, we’ll be there July 20th – July 24th with the live super mega meetup show being Saturday, July 23rd.
  • Then come back here to Kalispell Montana August 8th – August 114th, with the third annual Jamhole live show Saturday, July 13th. Did I mention our friend put up his house for people to stay in? Yea, it’s all good.
  • If you get your taxes, send a little bit to us and help this show maintain it’s amazingness.
  • One of the few things I’ve been waiting for in my future. A fucking laser! Hell yes.
  • It’s always the people who are the most vocal. Can you stop being a weird child porn peddling freak? We still don’t have an answer as to what it is about little kids that these people find attractive.
  • More complete hypocrisy in those who govern us. This anti porn MP was totally checking out porn during a parliamentary hearing. Hey Indonesia, how is your overpopulation problem?
  • In other news, you should follow Andy Carvin on Twitter if you want to keep up with all the middle east issues. He posts some amazing stuff, straight from the people that are there, living this nightmare.
  • More stupid anti piracy laws trying to get passed, this one comes from New Zealand. 3 strikes huh? Good luck with that.
  • Why did the mother stab her sleeping son? DUH! Because god told her to fucking do it.
  • Using a box cutter to circumcise your child at home. Also known as assault and criminal mistreatment charges. More stupid people taking their stupid religion to the stupid extreme. Yay society!
  • Suing Applebee’s because they tried to shut up your annoying fucking child with alcohol rather than apple juice. Well, if people would respect other people and NOT go out to eat when they have a screaming child, this kind of shit probably wouldn’t ever happen.
  • Google’s suggestions for all of your favorite religion’s. Why are Jews so…
  • That’s an episode of the Jamhole. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time here with us. Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm PST. 10pm EST. on Jamhole TV. Make sure you like and invite all your friends to the Jamhole Facebook page. Get yourself a copy of the Jamhole 250 show and the 404 show if you want to see what our first two live audience parties were like. Trust, it’s well worth it. Email info@thejamhole.com and leave us a message at 406.204.4687. You can also text me at 406.848.1739.
  • If you want to see me recite the Storm poem by Tim Minchin, that is also on the Jamhole Forums.

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