Ep 491: Losing Money


“”I wish that bullshit they believe in was real.”

Alright, I finally finished the book I had been reading for like the last year or two. It was written by Dan Faulk, called In Search of Time. It was fucking awesome. Mind blowing, eye opening, all the great things that a book teaching you about things you don’t already know should do. Now, I’m balls deep into World War Z by Max Brooks. I love how this is written, the different characters he interviews, and all of their individual survival stories, all making up the survival story of a planet. So fucking awesome, I haven’t hardly been able to put it down. I’m blazing through these notes so that I can get back to it and finish a couple more chapters before we start the show. But yea, just wanted to mention that the Jamhole book list is updated and this is the new book. Read it with and we’ll discuss it in the forums.

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  • I hate to panhandle like this on our show, but we are once again money fucked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Plus, if you help the most in 2011, you will get to be at the top of this awesome list, and you will also get what will be described in the wiki record books, the most awesome gift EVER.
  • Let’s just be friends and enjoy the fuck out of life.
  • If you want to help write the show, send in stuff and we’ll talk about it. You know what, or don’t. This is what happens when we do stupid things like this. Enjoy.
  • You want my opinion on the medical marijuana thing? I think it’s completely ridiculous that $50,000 needs to be spent on a lawyer to be able to grow and sell this plant. Yea, it’s that silly. Want to hear more about it? Check out the archive of episodes from our time in the Hot Box. It’ll be back soon we hope. Along with the African American Market. Listen to what a non pot smoker thinks about this whole mess. So much time and money wasted. Here is a story from New Hampshire about HB-442.
  • We are having a couple of parties this summer. It’s going to be a blast! Check out the 250 show and the 404 show to see what the first two parties were like! Saturday July 23rd is the live show in Milwaukee. Saturday August 13th is the third annual Jamhole live show here in Kalispell Montana! If you are coming and have questions, text my droid at 406.848.1739.
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  • Aww shit, now it gets real. I hope this is the kind of “entertainment” you come here for. I’m really not in it for the money, but it would be nice if we could all cover the costs. But whatever. Money is stupid.
  • Who’s ready for the RAPTURE? According to people who have completely lost their mind, on May 21st 2011 all of the “good” Christian people of the world will ascend into “heaven.” Now, when this happens, can we go ahead and take over your places? We’ll take real good care of your stuff.  You know, I really do wish the bullshit you believe in was real. It would make this life way more interesting. Could you imagine battling demons in the streets like Keanu Reeves? Fuck yea.
  • Here is the Are We Alone episode that was about the rapture. Very interesting stuff. When the rapture doesn’t happen, a lot of people are going to be roaming the streets thinking really deeply about the lies they have been believing in since they were born pretty much. Mind blown…
  • Have you seen these billboards? Good, get more people following you, so when shit happens and we say we told you so, there is just that much more disappointment. If this all goes according to plan, I won’t see 31 years of age. Who’s going to the Rapture Party? Man, this is going to be awesome. Celebrating over 2,000 years of SOON. He’ll be here soon. Need your dog taken care of? We got that covered too.
  • Gary Faulkner, the one man Osama Bin Laden hunter wants his cut! Apparently he was the one who flushed Osama out into the mansion he was found in. Nice work! I told you we should all get a cut. Best call back ever right here. Listen up or you might miss it.
  • What happens when your crack dealer rips you off? Well duh, you call the fucking cops dude. Crack makes you stupid, and this is more proof. Don’t do crack, just smoke pot. Can you believe that crack head actually short changed me? Who would have thought.
  • Just know that another Roman Catholic bishop got busted for child porn. His name was Raymond Lahey, and he got in trouble for having child porn on this laptop while on his way to… Ladyboy capital of the world. Nice. Thanks religion!
  • Everything down south where the tornadoes hit are not doing so hot. Maybe you got hit with this destruction because you are all assholes. Look at what the fuck you are doing now, and have been doing in the past. Just saying…
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