Ep 493: Confidential Information


“I want that reassuring pat on the back that I’m doing better than they are.”

Hello and welcome to another amazing hour of killing time we’ve all come to love as the Jamhole. I have an amazing bowl of chicken pasta in front of me, so this is it for the intro, go read the notes, and we’ll see you this evening for the Monday episode. I want 500 likes by episode 500, so please, share and share a like.

  • Ending your week right with the Jamhole. Let’s welcome Chad back to the studio. You can watch us do these shows live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Jamhole TV. 7pm PT. 10pm ET. Also, happy Friday the 13th! Let’s see how much bad luck we can scrape up.
  • Today was a good day, mostly because none of us had to pull out the AK.
  • So since we’ve been trying to be a more mature, educational podcast, let’s take a look into where Friday the 13th comes from.
  • Let’s all thank Facebook for basically turning every individual, into a marketable brand. Speaking of Facebook, did you know about the nasty little app third party advertiser leak? Yea, if you use Facebook apps, you should probably change your password. Chad also explains why he doesn’t have a Facebook page.
  • If you jerk off with any kind of force, you might want to stretch. I think I pulled a muscle trying to bust the third nut of the day. I’m getting old, gotta pace myself next time.
  • Partly cloudy or mostly sunny? IT’S THE SAME THING! Mind = Blown.
  • Chad gives us his point of view on the whole Danni truck stuck fiasco. What an amazing experience. If you don’t want to hear anymore about this, you can probably fast forward a good 25 minutes or so.
  • We’re having a couple of parties this summer! July 23rd will be a multi podcast party show meetup in Milwaukee Wisconsin, then August 13th is our third annual Jamhole live show right here in Kalispell Montana. Like the Jamhole Facebook page, and be sure to RSVP on the events section. We also have a discussion thread in the Jamhole Forums.
  • The one thing everyone with a computer has in common. Why should Osama Bin Laden be any different? Of course they found porn on their hard drives. DUH! You think he spent all that time in that nice lavish mansion without jerking off? Get the fuck out.
  • Who’s ready for some testicle news. I hope I never get old saggy balls that could potentially get caught in a toilet seat. Fuck I bet that hurt. Do you remember playing bag tag? If you do, I hated you back in school, and thought you were kind of gay for always trying to touch everyone’s nuts.
  • Most, if not all Brazilians are Hyper-sexual. This lady just takes it to a whole new level. She actually sued for her right to masturbate at work. Most of us just do it, but she had to make a fuss about it. Awesome. I must also be a hypersexual. I should take out a craigslist ad seeking awesome party sex time with other hot sexy female hypersexuals. Ages 18 – 45 accepted.
  • Just another story of a 57 year old man who lived with the body of his dead fiancee… Thinking she would come back to life, because people who are religious have a major acceptance of reality problem. If that’s not foul play, I don’t know what is.
  • Wow, you totally just killed that poor lost homeless guy. Just because he was in your house using the bathroom, doesn’t mean you can just scare him down the stairs.
  • Most amazing x-ray of the week. He actually managed to make a call and get help. Wow. Not a miracle, just modern medicine. I assure you god had nothing to do with that.
  • Do you want to own a little personal piece of the Unabomber? Well now you can! They are going to auction off a bunch of his random personal shit. Thanks! When I die, you can all have my identity.
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