Ep 506: Crosstown Craze


“Hopefully you have insurance, or rich family and friends.”

Got notes and got them in a hurry, food is waiting, then it’s showtime. Remember, there’s a whole lot of great stuff happening this summer with you’re new favorite podcast! Make sure you are on the forums, keeping up with the Facebook page and group, and interacting during live shows on Jamhole TV. We have a 24 hour marathon to start it all off with, then a live show in Milwaukee Wisconsin, then our third annual live show here in Kalispell Montana. It’s going to be in the summer, so we have some rustic electricity free cabin camping and white water rafting planned for this year. It’s going to be way better than the Vortex, trust. If you wanna see the previous parties we’ve had, check out all the content from the Jamhole 250 and the Jamhole 404 shows.

  • Basically internet explorer is a pile in the way it handles our website, and other WordPress sites.
  • It’s a viscous cycle we live here. Shit hits the fan on a weekly basis. I blame her and she blames me. It’s probably her fault. At least she learned her lesson about leaving. Am I right or am I right?
  • The benefit for Mike Owens was pretty awesome, other than the fact that we were together partying because someone is having a hard time with cancer. Actually it’s the paying for the treatment for cancer that he’s having a hard time with. Shit is expensive as fuck. If you want to help support Mike Owens, and help him kick the holy living shit out of cancer, check out the Mike Owens cancer killer shirt site. Each item you buy, sends $10 to his cancer drug fund. You can see pictures of the party here on the Fatt Boys Facebook page. You probably have to add them as a friend because someone made the page wrong. But whatever, it’s all good.
  • We’re going to have a 24 hour marathon show starting Friday, July 8th and going all night long until sometime Saturday July 10th. This is to help raise money for the trip to Milwaukee for a live show July 21st – July 25th. Join us at the university in Milwaukee for a big podcast party. You can find information on the forums. If you don’t want to wait, just send your money NOW! It’s probably going to be a yard sale style marathon where we try to sell you all our old junk, and you pretend to want it because of who we are.
  • Are you coming to the third annual Jamhole live show? Are you coming rustic electricity free cabin camping and white water rafting? If you answered yes to any of these questions, hop on the forum so we can figure some shit out. Do you want a guided or unguided rafting trip? And we need to figure out what days you will all be here so I can get the cabin figured out. Want to share a ride or have a free place to stay while you’re here? Hop on the forums and get that shit figured out.
  • Our friend’s brother got in a bit of “trouble” for allegedly giving marijuana laced brownies to some other people at their graduation. Since marijuana has never been proven to kill anyone, I’m not sure what they think is a dangerous drug in this whole ordeal. He’s a good kid, so sure, let’s send him to jail for 40 years. Why the fuck not. You know what this tells me? Glacier high graduates are a bunch of sissy girls. It wouldn’t be a crosstown craze without the weed now would it?
  • You know who should get in trouble for giving drug laced sweets to their friends? The kids in Brazil who laced cookies with rat poison then gave them to another kid. Now that was a dangerous drug, because the kid died.
  • You know what’s happening in Fukushima? Yea, they are still pretty fucked.
  • Remember to Like us on Facebook, then invite your friends to do the same. Hop on the Jamhole Facebook group, join the forums, follow us on Twitter, and leave a message at 406.204.4687. You can also text me at 406.848.1739 with any questions or comments, or email info@thejamhole.com with your outrageous ideas for us to do during the first ever Jamhole 24 hour marathon, taking place starting with the Friday show, July 8th and 9th. Anything is possible.

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