Ep 134: Rough Times


“This is the most beautiful place on the Internet.”

Hello and welcome to episode 134 of the made in Montana locally owned and operated live audio and video Jamhole comedy podcast. First of all, a huge thank you goes out to everyone that joined us at thejamhole.com/livevideo for the Monday night live show.  We had a great time, and if you missed it, be sure to sign up for our Jamhole SMS updates or follow us on thejamhole.com/twitter so you never have to try and remember when the live shows are again.  The next live show WILL BE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER  31ST. So if you ain’t got shit to do, or you can’t do shit because you’re still on probation from last new years eve party, then come join us for our special end of the month year in review live new years eve podcast extravaganza!

So in tonight’s show we start off by apologizing for Friday’s show, which then of course inevitably leads into the never ending saga of sadness that is Mat’s love life (or lack thereof), getting a rascal stuck in snow because your a huge, fat old bitch, and of course, some gas station high jinks. After that we do some confessions, then we do some noose.  Noose stories included are such as:  Skipping breakfast for sex, and Obama the magic negro.  We hope you have at least half as much fun listening to this 2 plus hours of bad motherfuckin shit we call the jamhole, as we did making this bad ass motherfuckin shit we call the jamhole.  We will for absolutely certain see you on New Years for the year in review show!

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