Ep 135: The Lamehole


“You motherfuck, I kill you bitch!”

Hello and welcome to the 135th episode of the made in Montana locally owned and operated live audio and video Jamhole comedy podcast. Thank you so very fucking much to everyone that joined us for The Jamhole New Years Eve Live Video Party Extravaganza.  In tonights episode we talk about some new shit we will be working on for the new year.  We thank people that donate money to help support the show, Mat schools Brayden on some basic economics, then we reflect on the past 135 episodes of the Jamhole, and what our lives would have been like if there was no such thing as The Jamhole.  Then we read some email, talk about drunk emailing, then we play some voicemails, and talk about New Years Revolutions.  Of course after that we have to check back in with the bad parent crazy guy who lost his daughter.  She might be 16 or 17, or she might be 3. I’m going to tell you to stay away from my daughter, but I refuse to tell you who the fuck my daughter is.  Do you know why?  Because I’m a huge douche bag, and a douche bag tends to do douche bag things.  I’m also a huge pussy hiding behind a restricted phone number and I love getting my hole all corned out You know who the fuck I’m talking about, this is your last warning you drug addict fuck.  We don’t hide behind restricted phone numbers or unavailable agendas.  Everything is all right here right now, and if you find your balls sometime between now and the next live show, you feel more then fucking free to give us a fucking call.  The number in case you forgot is 406.204.4687.  Its all on you, reach out and touch someone.  Anyways, after that nonsense we do some confessions (New Years Eve Style), then we do some news, then we do some clues.

We take live calls all throughout the episode, and I think we might have caused a heart attack.  That will make a lot more sense after you listen to the episode.  After you vote for us on podcast alley because its a new month… NAY, a new year!!!!  Click on some news stories:  Breast feeding on facebook, impressing your date with burning man, and finally, blinding pilots with laser beams.  Of course we talk about this and we talk about that, and somehow all of our talking managed to take up over 2 hours.  Dicks and Pussys of the Galleria Legume, I proudly present to you our very super special new years eve edition of The Jamhole.

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