Ep 139: Eye of the Storm


“Remind me to never fuck a chick you fucked again.”

Hello and welcome episode 139 of the live video / audio podcast you have all come to know and love as The Jamhole. Thank you all so very fucking much for joining us on this Friday night live show. In tonights episode we start the show off talking about the boobies that have been posted on the Jamhole forums. If you wanna support the show and you are female, send a pic of your boobies with something Jamhole related on them to info@thejamhole.com. This will give us street cred in the podosphere. In the podosphere, street cred is just as good if not better than cash money. Speaking of the forums, we have setup a post for the official send mat to argentina in june fund. Check it out and help Mat be happy for a couple weeks. Trust me, the heart break afterwards will be more then worth it. After that we talk about Ryan’s new problem. There has been a contest to win a free jamhole tshirt that just so happens to have to do with Ryan’s new problem. Go to thejamhole.com/forums and be the first to guess the disease Ryan has, and you will win yourself a jamhole tshirt. The contest ends next week some time. After that we talk about the movie Fix, and a couple other movies that we’ve watched, then we talk about our plan to form the podcast coalition (Mat, Brayden, Keith, Chemda, Seth, Jonathan, Dee, Lance, Tim, Capital Z, and McGee), and approach the government for bailout money. I mean fuck, if wall street, car manufacturers, and the porn industry can do it, why the fuck can’t we? All we’re asking for is roughly eleven bucks from each tax payer in the US of A. Thats all. After this we talk about a few new things that have killed more people than marijuana including accidentally killing a mobsters 12 year old, taking pictures of grasshoppers, and global warming. After that we do a few confessions, then we do some news. News stories include but are not limited to: Faking a suicide to get world of warcraft gold, let the liquor do the talking, the most annoying kidney stone ever, banging your 5th grade teacher, and what Jamhole episode would be complete without some good ol wholesome necrophilia. Enjoy your penis!

Thank you again to everyone that joined in the live show, and a special thank you to AlaskaJeremy, Violachick, and Chikadee for supporting the show and buying a jamhole shirt this week. We love ya! Also real quick, if you are not getting new jamhole episodes, then you need to change your feed to: http://thejamhole.com/?feed=podcast As of the last episode we are no longer posting on the old feed. Brayden says he is very really super sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

We found new friends. They do a podcast, and its quite entertaining. Check out the hotcakes podcast.

The live show call in number is 406-204-4687 so put that in your phones for the next live show. You can also call during off hours and leave a voicemail for us to play on the next show. How fucking cool is that? Its really fucking cool.

Also congratulations to Mat 3’s bad Vengeance, with the jamhole’s help, they made it to the final round of the Project Independant contest. The contest is over and they got 12th place out of 20 bands.