Ep 533: Out for Blood


“You don’t poke the lion with a stick in the middle of his breakdown.”

Ooh, look at that. We took a whole week off and didn’t get one piece of hate mail for doing it! Either no one gives a shit about this show, in which case that’s absolutely fine. It started out being just as much for me as it is for you, so we have no problem there. It will always serve a purpose as free psych therapy / marriage counseling. Trust me, I have friends who are actually paying someone to mediate some sort of marriage counseling, and whatever we pay for the stuff that keeps this show live and in your face each month, is completely worth it. You know what I mean. I am doing a lot of work trying to make life happen a little more comfortably.

We have hip hop and writing and of course day jobs. I’m sure my bio will make it up there sooner or later. Regardless of what happens, you can feel free to support the show, help spread the laughs with your friends on Facebook or whatever social the kids are into these days. You can join in some e laughs on the forums. You can help our stress level stay minimal by tossing us a few bucks here and there through the donate page or the PO box. You can certainly feel free to ¬†nominate us in the MATURE category and this list of our friends for the Podcast Awards again this year… Or don’t. If you don’t, you can eat cocks and get dick heart burn for all I care.

And now some thoughts from our friend Mike Boudet over at the Am I Bugging You? podcast. Take it away Mike

And now for the notes…

– Yea, it’s been a while, and it’s Saturday. That always sounds weird when I say it for the intro. It’s episode 533 in any event. So enjoy this shit.

– Basically, I went crazy and had to take a vision quest. It’s all good now. In fact, it’s GREAT!

– Did I mention I’m writing for BYTE? Yea, no big deal. Actually it is a big deal, so go read some tech!

– Thank you local business owners for making having to look for a job one of the most miserable experiences EVER! I will never look for a job ever again.

– I wanted to seriously punch her in the face. You put hands on me and I put hands on you, and then the cops come. Sometimes she just presses my buttons. Oh yea, and the wall has a large hole in it.

– Shout out to the piece of shit neighbor scum bags who thought it was a good idea to steal from us. All of us. When they stole from me, they stole from you as well. Ever hear the saying, “Don’t shit where you eat?” I’ll upload the video of this piece of shit trying it one more time.

– Happy 911! How’s about next year, you all go a little less heavy on the Facebook invites. Thanks.

– Records breaking all over this piece. Did you see the forums?

– This is all allegedly by the way. The blur of Mat.

– Make it happen. Grappling hook window swing. Complete with flash-bangs.

– Did you know they made a Little Johnny animated film? Yea, it was pretty fucking cool.

– What happens when smuggling just doesn’t cut it anymore? You have to get extreme! New extreme smuggling, now with more puppies!

– Shit gets real when we read from some of our local Facebook friends’ wall drama. Yep, goodbye. What about the vows? Fuck the vows.

– Job Search 2011! Did you find your glasses? How about a job? YES! She finally did get a job. Actually, I had to give her one of mine, because I can’t work three jobs. Well, I can, but I DO NOT want to.

This is what happens when you fuck around with the cartels, then post all about it on social networks. Duh?

– Let me introduce you to our good friend Christian Worthy Redeemed. Manslaughter. Yes. I’ve always wanted to do this.

Nicolas Cage recounts the day he awoke to a naked stranger standing over him eating a fudgesicle. I’ve told this story on the show a long ass time ago, but this has happened to me before too. Not with fudgesicles, but you know.

Eating raw meet at the local Walmart. Yes of course Danni has a story that somehow relates to this. A mug only a mother could love.

– Expect us. Email info@thejamhole.com and do all that other shit we’ve explained over 500 times how to do. Thanks! Oh, and did I mention the 525 live show is up for FREE! Yeppers. Check it on the 525 page.

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