Ep 534: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


“Does anyone know Latin?”

Holy shit, remember when we did the third annual Jamhole live show? Fuck yes you do! Believe it or not, some of you were even here for that shit. Well, Mcnally has once again taken what has to only be described as the most underground form of comedy known to man, and turned it into a coherent body of art. It almost brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. So the long hairy of it is this. If you go to the Jamhole 525 page, you can see the trailer, the pictures, and then the full version, all for FREE!

That’s right, we figured we sell the first two live audience shows, the 250 and the 404 respectively, for five bucks a pop, and the people who want to support the show and get some extra content, can feel free to do so. But since this one was only a two camera shot, and it was the third one, which for some stupid reason I can’t explain seems to hold some sort of significance with me. So we’ve decided to give this one away for free. Plus we have a super sweet, super loaded up YouTube account that allows videos longer than 15 minutes. Not sure that’s such a good idea, but hey, we’ll definitely use it. So there you have it. Go watch it, and if you want to do one of those Google+ hangout things, we can all watch it together and make fun of it. Game? Add me.

Oh yea, and here some notes…

– Yea, this show has no schedule now. So you can suck that. Just kidding. Shows for sure Monday and Friday. Wednesday if you are lucky.

– I”ve been doing some writing here and there for this little site called BYTE. Check this shit out.

– That’s right, Danni has to leave the house when I podcast. I don’t like how she stares at me when I’m doing it. Like I’m cheating on her or something. Listen to this story. This might almost be Mat overload.

– Do we have any listeners that know Latin? I need to hear how these words sound. Thanks! Latinos speak Latin dummy.

Check out this cool Nerdist interview with Tom Greene. Who remembers Singled Out?

– Did you hear about the Podcast Awards? Check this out before you send your nominations in. You can only do it once and you must do it by September 30th or something. Also, check out our friend Mike Boudet from Am I Bugging You, and his whole thoughts on the 2011 Podcast Awards. Listen up and write this shit down. Or just go to the forums and check out the complete list. If you have a show to add to the list, email info@thejamhole.com or hop on the forums.

– What do you know about the don’t ask don’t tell policy? It’s out the window and the gays rejoice!

– What do you know about Keith Tatlinger? He’s the dude responsible for containerized shipping.

– Drink every time I say the word Apparently. Gamers have gotten aids! Wait, sorry. I totally read that wrong. The gamers cracked some aids encryption code shit. Go gamers!

– Hey, h0w big is Mike Hawk? Huge. That’s how.

– Have you ever heard of hair straighteners? These fools actually tried to straighten this other dude’s pubes with it. Could you imagine? What’s wrong with Britain? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t pay your dealer. Full thickness burns.

Remember Pat Robertson? Yea, he’s finally given his blessing to the great holy sacrament of DIVORCE. I know honey, I can’t live with her either. This guy is such a dick, he puts my dick to shame. It’s only ok if she has Alzheimer’s. I figured that went without saying.

– Why are you trying to kill me? Remember, if you kill me, then you’ll have to pay the rent.

– Oh hey, I just remembered something. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe is doing their huge 24 hour marathon show starting NOW! They are one of my favorite science type shows, and they are having some great guests on. Check it out at their Justin.tv page or the SGU website. They make it look so easy. This is how things can turn out with proper planning and a team of hard working people. Nice job!

– There might be a show Friday, there might not be. Danni is working right now. It’s 9pm my time as I finish writing these notes. So we’ll see what happens. The best way to know is to like the Jamhole on Facebook and follow @thejamhole and @dannigurl on Twitter. If you want more shows, you know how to motivate, if not, perhaps this is a good time to shift the majority of the focus and motivation I have left. Much like in most aspects of life, only time will tell.

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