Ep 547: Septic Tank


“I’ve tried to watch that fucking movie like three times now.”

We had another fun episode, as Sundays should be. Relaxing and fun. I was told by Mike Boudet of Am I bugging you fame that Sunday is football day, and that’s it. My dad used to always say that. He would say that god understood why he wasn’t at church, and that him and god were at home watching football on Sunday. I always thought that odd, because if god was at our house watching football with dad, why did we have to go to church? It seemed more logical to stay home and spend time with god and dad. Mom didn’t see the same logic I did, and every Sunday morning while dad got comfy in his favorite chair, with his fake beer, we got ready in our Sunday best to go pay a visit to a god that was supposedly on his way to my house. Anyway, here’s some notes…

– Welcome to the Sunday episode. If you didn’t know, the new Jamhole schedule is Sunday’s around 2 or 3 pm PT. 6 or 7 pm ET. We will also do a random show during the week, so you can catch that if you pay attention to the Jamhole Twitter and the Jamhole Facebook page. Like that shit. I’ve also been posting on the Jamhole Google+ page.

– Oh yeah, you can also hear The Jamhole and The Hot Box on Stitcher Smart radio. Pretty cool right? Email info@thejamhole.com and let us know how it works!

– Who wants to go on a cruise for the end of the world? This is going to be awesome. I was listening to Astronomycast today and they mentioned they were going on an end of the world cruise, and we could come! I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be during the so called End of the World, then with a bunch of skeptics, astronomers, and scientists exploring the Mayan ruins! Here is the link, and here is the person you need to get a hold of. Her name is Zelda. Let’s make this happen!

– Friday, January 13th, Uhh Yeah Dude (Seth and Jonathan), are doing a live show in Seattle Washington. This is going to be awesome and I am planning on going. Anyone in the area want to go with? They put on a great live show! Here is the Jamhole forums link if you want to discuss the trip. Here is the UYD forums link to discuss with other UYD fans. Here is the link to get tickets. I’ll be getting mine Monday.

– I made that picture of John Pike and the bear if you scroll down, or check it out in the forums. You can also see links to all the other John Pike meme pictures there.

– So Dana actually heard the gun shots from that suicide on Thanksgiving. Check out the picture on her Facebook. Like a nail gun right?

– The U.S. spent 816 million dollars in online Black Friday spending. Pretty impressive considering we’re in a fucking recession. That’s nuts to me, I hope you all got us cool stuff. We have wish lists on the site. But you knew that.

– You would think the crime rates in Florida are going up. But NAY, we are not. Here’s a study! Once you get your own Fark tag, you’re pretty much at the top of your game.

– How do you scam people out of over a million dollars in regards to a septic tank? You con them into thinking it can only take special toilet paper, and you are the only person to sell it to them.

– Have you seen Melancholia? Yeah, three times, I still can’t get through it. Want to keep up with what we watch? Check out our Go Miso account! Apparently you get to see Kirstin naked. I didn’t quite make it that far.

It’s not called a hunger strike when your whole country is starving. Just saying. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but too little too late. It’s all about reverse psychology.

– Why would you ever think being a gynecologist was a good idea? That is not the kind of pussy I ever want to see… Ever. You took thousands of pictures and now you have over 700 women that are pretty pissed at you. Hey Germans, where’s your privacy issues now?

– This guy is either a massive pimp, or a huge scum bag. I’m gonna say pimpin ain’t easy, this guy had a tough life. He needs to learn that you can have sex without having a baby. Some people still don’t get that. What the fuck mate? Oh, and his last name is Cumming heh. Jamie Cumming… all over your daughters face. I mean in her vagina. Is that an addiction? Or maybe he’s an alien.

– Have you ever seen The Thing? Now that was a pretty damn entertaining movie. The audio effects were pretty nuts. Apparently this is a remake of the 1982 movie, The Thing. I was not aware of that. Thanks IMDB!

– You live in Sweden and make Swedish Meatballs. The meat grinder gets jammed, what do you do? Let’s hope not what this guy did. I’m never eating Swedish Meatballs again.

– This is what happens when the bus driver literally has had enough. Did he take the bus? Or could no one among you figure out how to drive it? I would have driven that thing. After like the third hour. I’m not waiting.

– If you were watching the live show, you saw a beautiful picture of Danni. Thanks to MDS for the screenshot and for hopefully getting Danni to step up her live show game. Would a little make up kill you?

– Have you seen the new version of the Jamhole forums? It’s pretty bad ass, minus the spam, but I take pretty good care of that. If you want to be a mod, just let me know. Also get on some Jamhole Google+ shit.

– I updated the live show pages as well. Check out the Jamhole 250 and the Jamhole 404 for $5 each. You can watch the 404 bonus footage for free, as well as the Jamhole 525 for free. That’s our gift to you. I also updated the Jamhole music page, where you can now get the Book of Matthew for free! You can still donate if you enjoy that stuff, it will help pay for this new album, which is almost done.

– Leave a message at 406.204.4687 or text me at 406.848.1739. We’ll talk to you this week sometime. Keep up with us online.

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